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Writing See You In Hell Suicide And Depression [A Very Long Poem]


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Warning, this poem is pretty graphic and can be morbid at times. As well could offend people that are religious, just because of the words used. Not how they are phrased. >_>*shrugs*

This all just ONE big poem, with different sections.

[size=1][u][i]See You In Hell Suicide And Depression[/u][/i][/size]

[i][b][I Anger Through Suicide][/b]

Cut my lips
Slit the switch
Of damnation wealth
Of depraved health,
Hate this world
And all that wakes
In the feverish dawn,
Simple fakes,
Blood that runs
In rivers spawn
My hate
And cut my lips
So the pain
Will welt my fate,
******* die
In serial paint,
Blood soars
Further for
All the cores,
Anger pours
From my brain that tore
Itself in pieces,
Drifting from the path
of peace and death,
Damnation eternal
Amongst the mood
Where pool moonlight surreal
Rips me to pieces, my noon
where suicide to genocide
Of earth,
Of Arch angles, take arsenic, lie
A bloody drug of dirge.
******* die so I don't care
Anymore, on hells door
I will slit your wrists,
Write in pure hieroglyphs
Upon damnations illusion, pissed
On your smoldering fate,
Wrote in calligraphy swift,
As potent winds
That carry the wounded
From a war
Never will I conform
To your ideas.
Torn asunder from heaven
All was a lie and you know
Dante maps your path
So sweet littered crimson be your bath,
Leave me alone,
So that the raven can scone,
Even death failed to compare
Of my drenched draconic anger in the air,
Rake my limbs
That have been burnt
Singed from my body hymns,
Screeched through times,
Cracked mirrors wavered,
As the quills savored
The sweet emotion and power.
Die on funeral grounds, cower
where demons stench fills the
Air, because you are, you are
Going there. ******* die
When you taste the poisoned wine,
I laugh at you
And I lay beneath the moon,
Perfumed lips I slit,
Ripping and tearing
At your face and hits
That crack your skull,
Where demons run free
Carried by the river of time
I commit your suicide,
Hide from me and the demon
Across the broken land,
Until I reap the son, pre sword
Oaths to the polar opposites, sands
of fire reign no sign of paradise,
Your going to hell for your depressing slide
Into darkness, ebony hangs you
From death till dusk, you lied
So I break your neck with a noose,
Clockwork in dusks embrace
I finally sooth the anger
And slip away from suicide, cursed
From existence, burning in hell stranger
To the apocalypse of danger.

[b][II Depression Alone][/b]

Depression weeps in by stealth,
I sit in the corner by myself,
A riding horseman of a burning carcass, is a stranger,
Reaches out his hand in the Stygian forest,
Where everything is dead and dying,
A horseman of pestilence, he never rests
Trying to take my life through tortures, crying
Myself through his disease, I will not seize
Up for you or anyone before the apocalypse of depression
Comes, I bleed alone in the forest of the impaled,
Where Dracul waits for me, wanting his perfect ode,
My universal tide on astral lands that quailed,
Where I sailed, holy vespers sailed,
In site of my delighted blight
Three lines defining the insanity,
Depression and schizophrenic-acy
And deep anger furthered me,
The seas ran with acid,
Coated in a warm facade,
Necrologies became expansive
As the dead walked my own swabbed
Together, discarded, perfect, torn world,
Kept to the only rhythm, falling, sinking.
No wine will heal,
No wrath will feel
My path that is forever sealed,
In the un-scryed hell
Where ice reigns over fire, that peels
The flesh from bone that forever swells,
Always depressing concord alone,
I fell over slain
By emotions alone.

[b][III Pressed To Cold Mirrors][/b]

Ruthless as the wind
The Cadaverous lick
Of sweeping paradise
Concord light of sweet parade
On light of incognito death,
A grim set of cut lips
Pressed to cold mirrors, tint, caress
Searing my eyes,
Dealt within deaths stress,
The sweet smell of silent cries,
Reaping the lands, with the severed
hands, holding the scrolls of tolls,
Damnation gates where Cerberus sits,
Creeping from the withering sun
And does thou of sinking into hell,
Laugh of insanity crescends beyond Chronos,
Demon beasts scowl with fingers
Of perpetual slitting wrists,
No other comfort but to hear the flesh
Eating wind and a simple carnivorous kiss...
Ode to the Macabre
He sits
In the corner,
Of my gruesome room,
I slip engraved in macabre tomb
Written in stone it sits
Waiting, Hating, darkness entwined,
A gruesome battlefield,
A grotesque injustice,
A sickening battle kneeled
Before the macabre site,
Heaven and hell bound in plight
Of surplus violence, ode from me
To you my dearest, sweet, horrific site,
Lady Macabre,
Bound by grotesque light,
Stripped from the sunset,
Dressed for dusk,
A lady crept
From ebony to lust,
A depressive light upon the shore
Waiting delicate as to swore,
Ebony a face of holocaust,
A pierce in armor,
Ebony is to the mid of lost cause,
A laughing insanity shall be ever more,
Darkness is the eyes staring
Upon the stranger of light
Eyes that stare
Upon the height of night,
To ebony my solemn light,
Depression alone in the dark
Ebony freeing in site
Of lustful desires
For bloods spite.[/i]
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