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Anyone heard of them? They're a symphonic metal band, sort of like Blind Guardian(if you've heard of them either). I find both these bands, Rhapsody in particular, really different, but a good different. I mean, they are classified as 'mystic rock', so rock or metal bands that sing about fantasy settings etc. They actually sound like denizens from a world like Ansalon ([I]Dragonlance) or Faerun (Forgotten Realms) or any other fantasy setting you would like to picture, given electric guitars, double bass pedals, the works, all with a symphonic backup thats all truly played in a style suitable to thier lyrics. The lyrics of songs like [I]Black Dragon[/I] , [I]Dawn of Victory[/I] , [I]When Demons Awake[/I] etc, are just... really really cool I can't really find other words to explain it. Its like new age bards if your into that sort of thing...

Being a musician myself (we don't have a bassplayer YET, but we're lookin and will have our band together soon enough), and also being into the whole fantasy literature, anime, videogame scene, I find that this blend is just... great. :D :D
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I've heard of those groups, they are a new movement called "power metal" also Lucca Turilli(how is to Rhapsody as Mustaine to Megadeth), Kamelot, At Vance, also Oratory is a quite good group, and Nightwish has what it takes to fall in this category, you should look for those groups, and what do u play in your band? I bet if u play guitar u have a Jackson or an ESP rigth?
well nice knowing that type of music doesn't only exists in europe but also in USA. another group u should try is Angra and Helloween, they r not that good as Rhapsody in my opinion but they r good.

P.D is your signature becouse of the song from blind guardian?
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