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A random piece of random poetry...


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Just to help me get into some kind of poetic mood or something, I'm gonna make some poetry off the top of my head, and see what it comes out like... alright, since the best poetry is usually depressing, I'll start with that... oh, and feel free to comment, if you aren't too confused.

[COLOR=Indigo]Softly in the dark I came,
Remembering years of past forgotten shame,
Something dark, darker than night,
Comes into my blackened hieght,
Of substance I can remember none,
Maybe I was having fun,
But something in the way it appeared,
Caught my breath, and I feared,
That years of shameless past,
May come to mind at last,
And all my struggling, forcing, weaving,
Would come to none but grieving,
And night would fall darker still,
So at this thought there came a chill,
And torture in my mind there was,
Hardly there, but there still because,
My fickle mind could not contain,
The shameless past of forgotten pain,
Louder, greater, crushing it grew,
Till my heart would grow anew,
Into something horribly sweet,
That thing my eyes dread to meet,
And I prayed for stalling,
If God still hears my calling,
And this dark creature mauling,
Tearing out my heart and soul,
Could it feel my pain and suffering,
It must be numb, it's chillness buffering,
That wich I could feel so vividly,
And now that wich I watched to ridgedly,
So that I prayed again for the Raven,
That unholy creature in the dreams of Poe,
will it,
shall it,
make it cry,
Nevermore, that I may die,
And this horrid suffering cease,
So that I may contemplate my shame in peace.[/COLOR]


Woah... that was longer than intended... how do you like it?
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