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Uninhabited Planet SURVIVE


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Japanese name: Mujin Wakusei Survive
Initial Broadcast date: October 16, 2003
Number of Episodes: 52
Production: Madhouse
OP song: "Boku no message" by Kiroro
ED song: "Sunny Side Hill" by ROUND TABLE featuring Nino

Fansubs: We Suck, Anime-Blitz, Anime Coalition, Spectre Anime, Shoujo-ai & Youma Otakus (joint), Shinsen-Subs, Gizmonic Institiute

This is an all-ages anime incorporating fantasy and duff science fiction. The first few episodes relate a classic school trip gone wrong. 7 middle-school students and one electronic "animal" wind up on a deserted island on a possibly uninhabited planet with no immediate hope of rescue. These children (including Luna, a girl who is somehow the focus of the show) are classmates but almost none of them are friends.

The children must solve many problems in order to live as they have little food or water. They also need to face up to the problem of trusting and supporting each other. Eventually the group's attention turns to something mysterious about the island itself...

Not much was made of this series when fansubs of it first started appearing but it has attracted a loyal following. Madhouse, the production studio, has done another outstanding job with this title. The character design is not ground-breaking but is solid and attractive. The characterization and pacing should prove more than adequate to the challenge of maintaining interest over the 52 episodes scheduled.

I would like to hear from anyone who is watching this series. The show itself contains many topics of discussion; the characters and how they interact, and the mystery they began to explore around episode 15 (mention of which is definitely a SPOILER of course). It might be interesting to compare this series with older children's series from Japan or the US as well.
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