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Secret Window


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I just saw [I]Secret Window[/I] today. I absolutely loved it! I really like Stephen King. (The movie is based on his novella [I]Secret Garden, Secret Window[/I]) The cast is:

Johnny Depp .... Mort Rainey
John Turturro .... John Shooter
Maria Bello .... Amy Rainey
Timothy Hutton .... Ted

I love physcological(sp?) thrillers. Turturro plays the crazy southerner well. He is one of my favorite actors, along with Depp (I like the weird ones, ok?)
The ending got a little "corny" :haha: (You'll get it if you see it). Even though I am a big King fan and am used to his twists, he still gets me every time. [spoiler]I thought the ending line of the story was used a little to often, but heck, that's just me.[/spoiler]

From what I've heard critics are trashing it, but I really didn't think it was too bad. A few parts weren't great, but the idea behind the story is one of my favorites: A writer's story and ideas getting away from them.

Anyway, what did you guys think?
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The individual performances of the actors were commendable. The material they were working from was not. When I saw the movie was based on a Stephen King novella, I immediately knew that originality would be scarified and that it would be left to the cast to instill the depth into the film that the source material would ultimately throw out the window (no pun intended). For the most part, they succeeded. You get a sense of tension and realism in their relationships, not so much because of the lines they deliver, but because of how they?re delivered.

[b]Secret Window [/b]is both watchable and entertaining despite the overriding predictability of everything that unfolds. I was never scared or surprised, which is the basis of a film like this. At the same time, I wasn't bored. So, take from that what you will.
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I personally loved The Secret Window.

By the time the ending rolled around, I had pretty much guessed what was going to happen. It's fairly predictable, but I loved the way it was pulled off. Johnny Depp is sincerely one of the greatest actors of the decade, in my opinion. He just made the ending sooo good.
I was fairly speechless by the time it ended. Not that it was that uber uber great, just that it's not a movie I felt like talking about when we were leaving the theatre (Infact, I don't think anyone was talking much as the theatre emptied. Then again, it was an afternoon show, so their weren't many people there).
The little touches of symbolism where nice, and I'm really really glad [spoiler] that they didn't show that dog after it was killed. [/spoiler]

Overall, it was a good movie. Worth watching in theatres, I think :)
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