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I wander through the corridors of my mind late at night. Naught else is there left for me to do. In the morning, I shall awake, and find my deceased body lying on the floor of some unknown place, that I once saw in my minds eye, but took for granted, not knowing what its true meaning was. But that?s just how things go, in this time of mine, the focus am I not, but instead, that filter, that background noise that makes you comfortable, helps you sleep at night, but not much more. Where once I was the center of my reality, I now find that I am but I bleak and distant object, forgotten, much like tha wisdom of past time. The distant speck has grown smaller and smaller on the horizon, producing no more attention, becoming lost in a sea of sand. I was somebody once, a person of import, one whom the crowds would cheer and the mighty EMBRACE. but now I am small, alone, forgotten. I have fallen into the mystical rabbit hole, but unlike Alice's it does not stop.
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