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Snow (Tentative Title)


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The snow had stopped falling, but much of it already covered the streets, dark and mysterious and beautiful at the same time. The cold air picked at my skin, and I shivered at the street corner. The cold had always affected me more so than others.
I took a look at my watch. 7:32, exactly the same time it had read an hour ago. I think it?s safe to say it was more than a little cold that evening.
I had been waiting at this street corner for what seemed like an eternity. Most would have just packed up and gone home. My sister already had. Yet, I remained, ever faithful that she would come.
A young man from the café across the street brought me another cup of tea.
?You?ve been here for quite a few hours sir, and it doesn?t look like whoever you are waiting for is coming. Maybe you should just call it a night?? He was a nice young fellow, coming out to bring me another cup of tea every now and then, to make sure that I, this perfect stranger, was kept warm while I waited. His kindness was the only thing keeping me from going completely numb.
?That, I cannot do,? I answered him.
?Then whoever you are waiting for must be someone very special.?
I paid him for the warm drink (he had long given up on trying to refuse my money) and sent him on his way.
Sipping through the Styrofoam cup, I lazily glanced down the street. Everything seemed as if stopped in time. Not a creature stirred nor made a sound. All was quiet. I was alone.
Suddenly, the wind picked up and I was hit with a gust of air, catching my jacket and dragging me back. As quickly as it had begun, it came stop. All was silent again. But, something was different. Something was wrong.
Slowly, I peered over my shoulder, and something peered back at me.
I think I screamed then. I honestly don?t know. All I can remember is that before me stood a great black, winged beast. Its great chest heaved in and out, and it?s tremendous wings beat into the air, thin black feathers falling to the ground with each flap. Powerful legs, leaning to one side, arms crossed, breathing loudly, it watched me.
Finely structured face, a pointed chin, and a small mane of black hair, slightly darker than it?s fur. It was indeed very frightening, but, in bizarre light, it was also very beautiful.
Its red eyes did not pierce into my soul with menace, but rather gazed into my heart with kindness, and understanding.
I dared not go near it, but I did not run either. I simply waited.
Great step after step, it reached for me, longed for me. A strong, delicate hand reached for me, stopping just short of my cheek, recoiling, as if afraid to defile me with it?s touch.
[i]Welcome to the Choir[/i]
With an immense heave of it?s wings, the beast pulled back and sank into the darkness.
Azazeal Bakura Sheik
It was gone, and once again, I was alone.

I couldn?t believe my eyes. I truly couldn?t.
Looking off into the night sky, positively blue from the cold, he was still there. Still waiting. Waiting for me.
Without a word, I ran up and hugged him as hard and as tightly as I could.
?Leon!? I said, burying my face in his chest, ?You?re still here. I?m so late, yet your still here. Still waiting. Thank you! Thank you so much, I knew you wouldn?t break your promise, I just knew it. It was like something inside just told me you would be here, yet I?m still surprised! Say something damn it!
?Circulation?cut? can?t breath!?
I immediately let go of him, shocked and a bit embarrassed.
?I, I was just, I?m, sorry!?
He simply smiled at me. There was always such warmth in his eyes. Always so forgiving, incapable of holding a grudge.
?It?s good to see you,? He said, ?It?s been so long. Too long.?
?Yeah, it has. Sorry I was late, I missed my train and then the next one broke down, then when I got a ticket I found out my luggage had already been sent on a different train, but when I got here my luggage was no where to be found, and then I got hauled over by some officers who thought I had stolen something from an elderly passenger and??
??Finally after that was sorted out, they dropped me off at the wrong address, so I had to walk all the way here??
?Then I had to stop because, as you can imagine, I was quite hungry by then??
I looked up.
Leon put his hand to his head and shook it miserably.
?Look,? He said, smiling again, ?Forget about all that for now. You can re-account me with your adventure later, let?s just get home and get something to eat. I?m sure Eve can whip something up.?
I hooked with has hand and leaned against him as we walked.
?Hey Leon, what time you got? My watch has been stuck at nine o? clock for the past hour.?
?Umm, Seven Thirty-Two.?

It's not finished, but I want to know how it's going so far. I'm kinda iffy when that thing, whatever it is (I don't know yet), show up. I'm not sure if I did a good job describing him without robbing from the moment. I'm also not sure if anyone will like that Leon seemed fairly unfazed by this when we switch to Christine's perspective.

Anywho, if you have the time, please share your thoughts on this piece. :)
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