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A Chaotic Return (Swearing and Mature Situations)


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[center]I'll give credit where it's due. This is a Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic. It entails what happens many, many years after the death of Shadow the Hedgehog. Therefore, credit goes to Sonic Team, the creators of Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sega. Also, credit goes to the author of "Shadow's Rebirth", the fanfic that gave me this particular idea.[/center]


[color=crimson][i]The weapon's barrel aimed at the black figure. As the weapon fired, a single, defiant cry echoed. But the bullet entered his body nonetheless, and darkness engulfed the red and black personage as he fell into the black abyss of the ocean....[/i][/color]


[color=slategray][i]Archer Lang awakened in a sweat, his body forcing the remains of his dinner last night into a bucket at the side of his bed. He looked up into the mirror at the opposite wall, seeing his black hair hanging limply behind him. He'd had that same dream for five years, wondering what it meant. But this was the first time the bullet had hit him before he woke up.[/i]

[b]???:[/b]Boy, get back to bed. It's only four in the morn-*mumblemumble*

[i]Archer stared at his sleeping father, Grayson Lang, and nearly retched again. Archer, a fine, upstanding young man, had been forced into a motherless existence because his father had decided to drag him to Japan so that he could master a specialized martial arts. The sixteen-year-old nearly retched at the thought that he had left his mother behind twelve years ago. He sighed and cleaned himself up in the furo, then headed to the dojo for his morning kata.

As Archer stared at his target, he focused his ki energy, making certain his physical energy would not be drained by what he was about to do. At some invisible, indiscernible signal within him, he moved his hands as fast as he could, reducing the dummy to splinters in a matter of milliseconds. Archer's face barely showed any sign of exhertion, not even a sweat. His hair, however, had dried out at last from the cold sweat of his nightmare and the hot steam from the furo. He tugged at the leather thong holding it in a ponytail and shook his head, the streaks of red finally showing under the bright lights of the dojo. His hair settled naturally into a spiked pattern, and he went downstairs to help his sister, Alison Lang, fix breakfast.[/i]

[b]Archer:[/b]Hey, Ali, what's up?

[b]Alison:[/b]You, apparently. Hey, bro.

[i]Archer hugged his sister, who had only just joined Grayson and his son in their home at the foot of Mt. Fuji from her mother's elsewhere in Japan. She grinned at pointed at the water clock.[/i]

[b]Alison:[/b]Bro, you might want to leave for school, now. Otherwise, Kyoko will find you and then.....

[i]Archer grabbed his bookbag, his bento, and rushed off with no need for further explanation. Kyoko was a girl who fancied herself his girlfriend, his lover, and worse....his fiancee. The martial artist rushed into the gates, preparing for the onslaught of boys wanting to date the kawaii young woman by beating the crap out of Archer, in hopes that Kyoko would see how "weak" the black-haired teenager really was. And they failed. Miserably, judging from the craters their bodies left in the street within ten seconds of the battle beginning. Archer grinned and started to walk into the building when he saw the race track. He grinned, deciding to skip school just once. He needed a break anyway, seeing as how he was forced to beg the teachers not to reveal his true grades to the class. he should have been in college with the courses he was taking. He set himself up on the track, starting his stopwatch as he began the five-hundred meter dash.

He finished in five seconds. And he felt it wasn't fast enough.

So he tried again. Three seconds. Then two and a half. Then two flat. But it STILL WASN'T FAST ENOUGH.

He sighed, leaning against a tree in the yard, and began humming to himself. he didn't know the tune, but he felt he should. He fell sleep, thankfully, too tired to have any nightmares......

He woke up suddenly, his shoulder weighted down by something. He turned to check, and found a lovely, pink-haired girl sitting next to him, sleeping as well. Archer stared at her lovely face, her soft skin, the way her hair hung lightly and shimmered slightly in the damp mist that drizzled the school. That was what had awakened him. The change in the weather. He smiled at the girl, instantly recognizing something in his heart. He was falling in love, and he didn't even know her name.

She woke up, smiling.[/i]

[b]Girl:[/b]Oh, good, you're awake. I saw you running. No matter how fast you ran, and you were fast, it wasn't fast enough, was it?

[i]Archer only shook his head, wondering how she knew what he felt.[/i]

[b]Girl:[/b]It's because you NOW you can go faster. You NEED to go faster, in your heart. Now, what's my name?

[i]He said the first thing that came to his mind.[/i]

[b]Archer:[/b]Amy Rose.

[i]He stared at himself, wondering where that response had come from, yet knowing it was true. Briefly, he caught a glimpse of a pink humanoid hedgehog running away from a large, green robot. She had in her hands a large, red mallet. Then Archer awakened, smiling gently.[/i]

[b]Amy:[/b]Good. You remember me.

[b]Archer:[/b]REMEMBER YOU?!?!?! How could I?! I've never met.....you.....

[i]His dream came back to him. And he knew that it was an old life. And he must have known Amy long ago. His own name hovered near the tip of his tongue, but he couldn't quite grasp it.[/i]

[b]Archer:[/b]I died, didn't I?

[i]Amy nodded sadly, then stood up and walked away. Of course, Kyoko happened to see the whole incident. From when Archer went to sleep to when he woke up and spoke to her. And she was pissed.[/i]

[b]Kyoko:[/b]ARCHER!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE MINE!!! MINEMINEMINEMINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOBODY ELSE'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[i]She ran outside, and Archer immediately stood up and prepared to give her a shiatsu attack when, suddenly, a huge hammer hit her to the ground.[/i]

[b]Amy:[/b]I HATE people who act like they own others.

[b]Kyoko:[/b]But.....how....could....you....cheat on me....with.....this.....whore?

[i]Kyoko collapsed, Amy placed her hammer back into the ever-useful anime Hammerspace, and Archer simply walked home. He needed rest. He never noticed the boots on his feet had become black with red trim. He also didn't notice they were now made of a light metal that he could move much faster and easier in. He returned home and fell asleep almost immediately, not even removing his favorite red and black jacket.....[/i]


[i][color=crimson]The bullet pierced his chest, his cries of "Chaos Control" having no effect on it. He realized at the last instant, the instant that he fell into the ocean and his breath was forced from his body, that Eggman had perfected the resistance to time stopping thanks to his Metal ------.....[/i][/color][color=slategray]


[i]Archer awakened, this time alone. He smiled thankfully, realizing he'd slept a little late. He didn't even get dressed, realizing he was already in his day outfit or a red T-shirt, black jeans, and his red and black windbreaker. He leapt out of his window, rushing for school as quickly as he could. Which was fast. He just made it inside as the bell rang. He sighed with relief and headed for homeroom, ignoring his pull to the track. Once in homeroom, he settled back in his chair and grinned when he heard the teacher announce five new students.[/i]

[b]Sakura-sensei:[/b]Class, please meet our new students. they're from all over the world, so please don't mind their habits. First, from our own Japan, a Saori Yuka.

[i]Yuka walked into the room, but Archer damn near choked when he saw it was Amy, the pink-haired girl form yesterday.[/i]

[b]Sakura-sensei:[/b]From Australia, Lee Shatter.

[i]A boy about Archer's age entered the room, an arrogant grin on his face. He was muscular, very much so, but most notable about him was his crimson hairstyle, folded into dreadlocks that formed spikes. He stood next to Amy, leaning against the board and grinning at each gilr in the class.[/i]

[b]Sakura:[/b]From England, Elizabeth Jameson.

[i]From the way her name sounded, you couldn't have gotten farther from what she was really like. Her pale white skin, the purple hairstyle that fell down to her waist in a braid, and the violet-painted fingernails. Not to mention that she wasn't even wearing a school uniform, or even a variation of it, like Amy and Lee were. She was in a pair of skintight jeans and a tanktop that revealed her stomach. She didn't HAVE to look sexy for the guys in class, with Archer's exception, to start drooling. He preferred Amy, hands down.[/i]

[b]Sakura:[/b]From Scotland, Miles Glenn.

[i]In walked a young boy, about fourteen, Archer guessed, with orange hair done up in two ponytails. He wore a white lab coat over his uniform, but he had no glasses. He grinned brightly as he stood at the board next to Elizabeth.[/i]

[b]Sakura:[/b]Finally, from America, Artemis Blueblood.

[i]No other words for it, the teenager that entered the room was arrogance incarnate. His blue hair, done back in spikes that lined three rows down his back, was impressive, to say the least. He grinned, a walkman playing what Archer could hear was video game tunes.[/i]

[b]Sakura:[/b]Students, please say a little about yourselves.

[b]Miles:[/b]Miles Glenn. I'm fourteen, and I enjoy mechanics and engineering.

[b]Elizabeth:[/b]I'm sixteen, I like night clubs, raves, and my guy, Lee!

[i]The girls and guys all groaned at the couple's kiss before Amy spoke up.[/i]

[b]Amy:[/b]I'm called Yuka, I enjoy sports, martial arts, and the hot guy in the fourth row!

[i]Archer perked up, being the only guy in the fourth row. Amy, not hesitating, took the empty seat right behind him and placed her hand on his shoulder as the rest of the guys, and not just a few girls, bemoaned what looked like another couple. Of course, Kyoko somehow had a mallet in her hands that was immediately confiscated by Sakura-sensei.[/i]

[b]Lee:[/b]Name's Lee. I go by a nickname that only my group knows. And Elizabeth is MINE.

[i]More groans.[/i]

[b]Artemis:[/b]Hey, ladies, this guy's free. So long as you don't mind me bein' the best and the coolest, saddle up.

[i]Lee, Miles, Artemis, and Elizabeth all took up seats near Amy and Archer. Archer found a note on his desk, slipped there speedily by Amy, who was behind him.[/i]

[b]Amy:[/b][Sit at my table at lunch today?]

[i]Archer replied, moving his hand so fast, it was a blur.[/i]

[b]Archer:[/b][Sure, why not? I normally sit next to Kyoko, anyway.]

[i]Amy grinned, but then looked up as Sakura-sensei saw the note.[/i]

[b]Sakura:[/b]Hana-san, Lang-san, please wait outside the classroom!

[i]Archer winked at the teacher, then picked up his buckets ofwater and was soon followed by Amy into the hall.[/i]

[b]Archer:[/b]I thought your name was Amy.....

[b]Amy:[/b]It WAS. I prefer it a lot over my new name, Yuka. God, that's awful.

[b]Archer:[/b]I agree. I prefer Amy. Not so sure I prefer Artemis to Sonic, though. Was he always that arroga-what?!?! Do I have a mole or something on my face?

[b]Amy:[/b]You called Artemis "Sonic".



[i][color=navy]A blue blur dashed next to a black one. Another humanoid hedgehog, the blue blur, tried to keep up with the black hedgehog.[/i]

[b]Sonic:[/b]You'll never catch me, ------!

[b]------:[/b]Then why am I ahead of you?[/color][color=slategray]


[b]Archer:[/b]...He and I raced a lot, didn't we?

[i]Amy simply nodded. Then she popped up really close to Archer.[/i]

[b]Amy:[/b]Your boots changed. They're metal, like Sonic's. Same with your gloves.


[i]He looked at his hands, seeing a pair of gloves, made of the same lightweight, indestructible metal as his boots. They were black, but the joints were red. He grinned, flexing his hands in them. Amy took his hand and grinned. She was wearing the same gloves, only pure white, and he could feel her touch through them. He smiled as the bell rang and the class poured out.[/i]

[b]Archer:[/b]YO, SONIC!!!!

[i]The four members of the group froze, staring at the black-and-red-haired martial artist. Artemis grinned.[/i]

[b]Sonic:[/b]You remember.

[i]It wasn't a question.[/i]




A Chaotic Return: Chapter One complete. Tell me what you think. I'm open to suggestions and I might use some in the next chapter. Note that Archer will NOT remember his real name, and that the other characters can't say it to his face until he does.
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