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Shaman King: The New Fight


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Okay, finally we start.

[I]Things come and go,and some things stay.One can't be certain on what the new day holds.Their aren't many things you can control,if their are any.Those that you can you must take advantage of.If you don't, you have failed.[/I]

Those words echoed through Shiro's head again. His brothers finally words before he became ill. Shiro hated it. the pressure always got to him and he knew it would now.Their was no hiding his worry. The most important event of his life,only a few short months away.His head ached from all the thoughts going through his head now. He hated that too.Finally he took a deep breath and stood,looking at Kazuma.

Shiro: Ready?!

Kazuma nodded in silent approval.He was worried too. Was he too rusty to serve his master. He hoped not.He couldn't take it if he wasn't.That fear clawed at him. The fear of failing.

Shiro: Into the Wakasashi!!!!

Shiro leaped,as did Kazuma,and they collided.When the two appeared again,the long glowing blade appeared. The face of kazuma appeared on the blade.It was amazing. But it wasn't just for show. A rubbling sounded the dance of the dead behind him.

Shiro: Tira made about ten this time.twice as many as before!

He had no time to panick though. Skeletons charged at him,and Shiro took the stace know to all as the "Exucutioners Dance", Kazuma's famous stance.Shiro's blade extened outward,balanced by his left arm.He awaited for the dead.
Just to clear a few things up. Tira is Shiro's wife and this is a few months before the start of the tournement. Have fun!!!!
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[COLOR=Green]Kaminari skipped on the path, ?Hey, Pinkchu, why am I doing this again??

[I]You?re a shaman, and the battle to be Shaman Master, is coming in a few months! You already know a few techniques but that won?t be enough.[/I]

?So, I?m going to Tokyo to meet up with your grandma, a shaman. Yeah, yeah! I know.? Kaminari grinned, she was hopping that she could skip some training on the old hag, and go buy some new clothes.

[I]You better not be thinking what I think you?re thinking![/I]

?Hey, I?m not the plasma figure floating around! Don?t yell at me!? Kaminari and Pinkchu we linked by an event, Kaminari had killed Pink?s friend, Pinkchu getting killed a few months later.

[I]Please, let?s focus on getting there, trust me, my grandma isn?t mean, and if you do your work, she?ll let you go shopping, probably even give you a few Yen to do so.[/I]

?Alright.? A few passerbies?s looked at Kaminari like she was crazy. ?Hey, haven?t you ever seen someone with a.? Pinkchu poked her. ?WTF??

[I]You can?t go around telling people that, they might send the asylum on you![/I]

?Like last time? Fine, I?ll shut up!? they continued their walk in peace, soon arriving at the edge of Tokyo. ?Yeah! We?re there!? She skipped along the road, going to the center of town.

[I]After we reach town?s center, turn right, then left into an ally, you?ll see a sign that reads, ?Hideaway?. Go in there, and I?ll follow, she?ll sense me, and I?ll tell her all about it.[/I][/COLOR]
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Shin walked calmly through the dark and dirty streets. It appeared that no one was around for miles. Shin liked it that way.
"Hey, buddy, how's about helpin' me out, eh?" asked a gruff voice from an alley.
Shin turned and scowled at the unkempt bum. For a bum, he was rather large and fairly muscular looking.
"You're talking to me?" asked Shin, grimacing at the stench.
"Well, yeah. Ain't cha gonna help me?"
"Well, dat's too bad. See, I'm gonna have ta rob ya now, see?"
"No, I don't think so," said Shin, grinning evilly. "In fact, I think you best leave. Now."
"How's about no."
"Your funeral," said Shin, drawing his switchblade. "Blood Tiger!"
The huge, feral feline appeared behind him. However, the bum was obviously not a Shaman.
"Wha? Are you drunk or sometin?"
"OVERSOUL!" roared Shin. Blood Tiger was sucked into his switchblade, and any Shaman would have seen the claws that surrounded Shin's hands.
"It's time to die," growled Shin. "Blood Tiger Claws!"
"Wha-!"said the bum, cut off quickly.
As Shin's hand ripped through his chest. Blood splattered the pavement and walls, and the bum fell to the ground with a heavy, wet thud. Shin smiled as he looked over the corpse of the bum, and released Blood Tiger's spirit.
"Stupid bum. Deserved to die. Of course, almost everyone does, don't they?" asked Shin, grinning wickedly.
Blood Tiger roared in agreement, and Shin cackled madly as he moved on through the night.
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[color=teal][B][I]Yukie was swinging a sword madly around. Jono was standing behind her with a sweat drop on the side of his face. He slapped his hand to his forehead and started shakeing it. He looked up slightly to see that Yukie had got the sword stuck in a tree. Jono looked as if he was going to fall over.

"Yukie," Jono yelled as he floated over to her, "what'cha doing?" Yukie stopped pulling on the sword and turned around. She smiled brightly at Jono as she started rubbing the back of her head. Jono shook his head and jumped inside of Yukie. Yukie eyes flashed a light green. Her hands wrapped around the sword and she pulled it out with full force.

"What are you doing," Yukie yelled as she dropped the sword, "Get out of me!" Jono floated out of Yukie. He had the ability to fuse with her without her even knowing it. Yukie never liked it though. She looked angry at the moment.

"Tis might not be the time," Jono said with a sweat drop, "but ya need some work on your skills." Yukie looked steamed. Jono sweared that steam was escapeing from her ears. Yukie turned around and picked up the sword.

"I'll show you," Yukie said as she stood still, "I'll show you I can use this sword without you." Jono shook his head and watched Yukie swing the sword like an idiot again. She had a lot of work ahead of her.

OOC: I changed my fighting style to Over Soul. ^_^[/I][/B][/color]
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Shiro closed his eyes and took a deep breath.The dead were apon him.He charge forward and slamed his blade through the first and spun slicing the next. The third fell with a shattering kick.A spinning attack destroyed the next four. The bones pilled on the four.

Kazuma: Now!!!!!

Shiro: Basuta Giri!!!!!!!!

Shiro rushed and span,slicing the skeletons to little tiny bits.Shiro slashed at the ground as the blade and Kazuma seperated.Shiro sat back,tired.That was the twentith batch of undead. Tira,his wife(unwillingly saddly), was a Doa-shi,or a corpse dancer that could summon legions of undead.The perfect training method. She worked him into the ground. And he could sense her summoning more.

Shiro: Kazuma let's Integrate and use the Kaze no Yaiba.

Kazuma nodded again. He smiled. Now Shiro was thinking of intelligent strategies. The ability to use wind and Kazuma hoped the lifeless bones as weapons. Yes, that will be wise.

Shiro: Now!!!!!Integration!!!!!

Kazuma turned into a spirit flame and fused himself with Shiro.The two were one and the same.Shiro began using hand symbols, and Kazuma finished them. Two minds in one body.

Shiro: Kaze no Yaiba!!!!

The wind picked up and Shiro and Kuzuma help their poses.The bones floated into the air and began spinning at extreme speeds. Twenty undead marched this time. The last wave, Shiro knew.The wind howled and the sky was filled with more bones. Shiro had beaten Tira's training.
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