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Guest oasiris

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Guest oasiris
[CENTER]Darkness lurks in the sky above
As the thunder and lightning collides before my vision
Trembling are my vulnerable knees.
While I witness the heaven shut.

Weeping, weeping I am.
Staggering is the sword of hell,
watching as my dreams shatter,
and sorrows fill my senses.

The thorns of the ever delicate rose,
now make blood flow from my hands.
The light of my ever sudden youth,
now eradicates my smiles.

Threatened by the reality that frightens
frowned at the tomb of the past,
bound by the end that is near,
I now lay my body fast.

As I lay low, my soul,
my lips bid farewell.
I shut my eyes, never to see the morn,
going towards the pleasant sound of an angel
blowing a horn[/CENTER]
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