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Chrono cross-Return of Lynx

Anyu WhiteWolf

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Serge sat on the soft sand at Oppasa Beach. He dug his swallow into the ground and started to write a name into it.


Serge suddley had the urge to jump up and look around. So he did. He found nothing. But he had a strange feeling that something was about to happen.

Serge later found himself wandering around Arni Village just fro something to do. After he had done away with Lynx and the whole FATE buisness, Serge was bored beyond all content.
All of a sudden a light red headed teen rushed up to him.
"Hello, Leena." Serge said.
"Hey Serge, guess what?" Leena asked.
"Uh...what is it, Leena?"
"They're holding a party for you at Vipor Manor today, oh, but I was only supposed to tell you to come. It was supposed to be a surprise. Oh well, They want you to come later tonight with me."
"Who is "they"?"
"Everyone!" Serge went over "everyone" in his head. That's well over 30 people, not including all the Porre and Dragoon soldiers living there, now that Norris and Karsh have been fighting...Serge scratched his head. He still wasn't used to crowds.

Later that night, Serge met up with Leena and Poshul and rode the dragons Norris lent them to get the the Manor faster. Once the Manor was in sight, Serge could hear the noise from all those people.
"This is gunna be hecktic..." Sege said to himself. Serge and Leena put the dragons in the stable as Poshul went to tell everyone that they had arrived.

When serge entered the manor, he was astounded at a few things. One, how many people there were about. Two, Karsh and Norris were acctualy getting along for once...kinda. And three, Everyone had to say hello and touch and pat and clap and shake with him.

When everyone settled down, Serge could finnaly look around and recognize all the faces. He saw a few of his good freinds having "fun" at the bar. Guile, a magician who could only hover about 2 inches from the ground, and Lone, a dragon with a cheerful disposition, were obviously drunk, they looked like they were just about ready to fall over. Of corse, Guile always looks like he's about to fall over...A dragon about the size of a small dog, Draggy, was looking very annoyed and probobly muttering to Lone,
"Your the worst dragon i've ever met..."
Glenn and Karsh were talking together. But there was one face Serge didn't see.
A short, french-accented harlequin came up to Serge and asked,
"Wat iz wrong, Serge?"Serge shook his head and said,
"Nothing, I was just thinking I could see Kid here." Lone left Guile and wabbled up to Serge.
"Sorry, mate, didn't see her after the fight, i haven't kept in contanct. No one has."
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OCC: moron...why did I have to sign up for this AAAAnyUUUUUUUUU...lol

IC: Mitzo pulled the banadana up over half of her face. She ahd only one eye showing and the rest of her face covered by two bandanas. she led her dragon around to the side of Vipor Manor. "now you stay here." she said as she went to the back door of what sounded like a party. She laughed manicly to herself and peered inside. "holly ****!" she whispered to herself as she noticed how many people were there. "All the better." she said. "all the better..." She walked inside and acted like se belonged. No one reallly noticed her sneaking around the back of the room. "Awsome." she said as she looked around to see if she knew anyone there, wich was very unlikly. "she turned around and ran into a short spikey haired boy. "yo! watch---mitzo?" he said suprised looking the girl over. "WHAT THE HELL KORCHA?" the room grew silent for a moment then burst into talk again like nothing happened. "you didn't follow me did you?" he asked. Mitzo had an exuse now. "yes! of coarse I did. You ripped me of...I want that 50 Zeni[sp?] back....." Korcha slaped his forehead. "is THAT what this is about?" He asked. "isnt it always korcha!?" she yelled at him.

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O.O.C: I'm starting out in another worl just so there isn't any confusion

Trajen was on his wingapedes back heading to the hydra marshes. He normaly came to check on the hydras at that time of the week but got side tracked becuase he had work to do. Once the wingapede landed tarjen got off and walked to the front of it. He took out some fruit and feed it.

"Thanks for the lift sekot. Try to stay close by" tarjen said petting it on the head.

Sekot nodded and took off. Tarjen turned around and walked into the marshes. As he walked through the marshes. As he walked through the marshes he heard things walking through the plants. He stopped and reach for his ogre but was tackeled into the water before he could take it off from his back. He swam out of the water and looked up. One of the baby hydras were looking at him.

"Sorry about that. She got away from me" a dawrf said walking up to him

Trajen just nodded as he got out of the water. He checked him self over to make sure he had every thing.

"One of the hydras had manadged to get away from us before and we haven't been able to find'em. Do you think you could find'em" the dwarf asked.

Tarjen just nodded as he started walking to the border of the marshes. He had an idea of where the hydra had gone to but he wasn't goeing to like it. He started up a colomn of the land that lead up to a different part of the marshes. Once he was up there he saw the hydra and started after it. As he ran after it he saw a beeba start after him.

"Not you again" tarjen said as he ran.

"Beeba going to get you for takeing my whistle" the beeba said.

Tarjen just shook his head. He ran faster and grabed the hydra. He came to the platform on top of the marshes and started blowing his whistle. Sekot flew down next to him and tarjen got on it's back and went down to the marshes.

"I don't know what's worse. Being chased by beebas or by korcha" tarjen said once he put the hyrda on the ground.

He looked around and saw that there was nothing else to do.

"Might as well head to termina" tarjen said.

Sekot made a sound of reconition then headed to termina.
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Serge looked at the moon from inside the manor dressing room. The door creaked behing him. Lone walked in and said,
"Is there something wrong?" Serge nodded.
"Yes, I didn't want to ruin the party, so i came anyway."
"What's wrong?''
"Well, ever since I went back to Arni Village, I've had this strange feeling that I'm being stalked or watched by something. I never see anything. Do you think I'm paranoid?"
"No way, Serge!" Lone jumped up from the place she was sitting,"All of your bad feelings before have led to something big, you should watch yourself out there."By this time General Viper, Norris, Draggy, and Guile had entered the room.
"I agree." Norris anounced,"You should be extra careful."

All of a sudden, there was a low rumbling the manor began to shake. Serge felt a cold hand touch his back. He spun around and was horrified at what he saw. There, right before him, was a robotic form of the one-too-many-time defeated Lynx. He was a ghostly figure to Serge and the gang. More than half his body was metalic.
"Happy to see me again so soon?" He said. Serge trembled behind his cloths. He hadn't brought his swallow with him. The door closed and locked behind them. Everyone was trapped inside. Then the rumbling stopped. There was a huge flash of light below each of them except Serge.The lights suddenly dissapeared and the 5 beings behind him were gone. Lynx Laughled loud to himself.
"What did you do with them?!" Serge yelled. Lynx stopped his laughter and put on an evil grin.
"I transported half of them to the Hydra marshes, and half of them to Gaei's Navel. Why you ask? You'll see soon enough!" And with that Lynx deteriarated before Serge.
Lone woke up to a certian scent in the air. it was a bitter, yet sweet smell that she recognized. She knew instantly that she was in the Hydra Marshes. Lone got to her knees and felt very weak to her surprize. She couldn't remember what happened to her. She looked over to her Right side and notice Norris right beside her. he was still unconcious. Lone started to shake her freind.
"Hey! Norris-san! Wake Up!!" Norris sturred and slowly opened his eyes. Norris also got to his knees and shook himself to wake up. Of course he had to staighten his hiar out. That's when Lone noticed someone off to the side of the steep walls of the lower Marshes. Lone waved to him and he started to walk towards them.
"Hey, who are you?" The boy said.
"I'm Lone, this is Norris. We...uh...I don't know. Let's see there was this big ball of light and somelaughing and that's all i remember..."Lone explained.
"Well, I'm Trajen, I live here in the marshes and protect the Hydra." Lone perked up her ears and flapped her wings.
"Did you say Hydra?!" Lone sat there, stone cold, "There shouldn't be any Hydra in out time!" Lone turned to Norris.
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"Of coarse you're in another world. Most of the hydras from serges were brought here" tarjen said looking around.

He took out his whistle again and blew on it. Sekot came down again and landed infront of them. He got onto it's back and sat at the front.

"Let's go before any of the dwarves see norris" tarjen said looking down.

"Why is that a bad thing" lone asked as she got on sekot.

"They'll try to kill him and probaply us for letting him come here" tarjen said.

"Well we didn't come here on purpose and why would they want to kill me" norris asked as he got on sekot.

"Once the hydras came here I made a deal with the dwarves that they could stay here and protect the hyrdas but only if no humans came into the marshes" tarjen said looking around once again.

Once he was sure no one else was around he pulled on some riens on sekot and it took off and headed to termina.
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Lone shook her head in disbelief.
"Norris,"She said as she turned to face her freind, "How did we get to the other world? I thought we were in Serge's home time." That hit her hard. SERGE! The whole night with the party came back to her that second.
"AHH! SERGE!! He was having these horrible feelings, remember? Dwah! Lynx, it was him!"
"Oh, Yeah! I remember, that's when the huge lights came! He must of transported us to this world! He's up to something! But where the hell did he come from? I thought we destroyed him!"
"That's exactly it, Norris. He came from hell, now he's back again."
"Oh here we go again!" Norris and Lone said at the same time. Lone almost fell off of Sakot at a single thought.
"HEY, How do we get back to our time! Serge has the Astral Amulet!"
"He'll come get us, If I know Serge, he's probobly already looking." Tarjen joined in the conversation.
"It sounds like were about to get into some big trouble, here."He said.
Serge ran from the door followed by Glenn, Riddel, Arunue, Korcha and Leena. They ran in the direction of the closest area, Hydra Marshes. As they got there, Serge remembered the poisonous gasses that floated around there. He warned everyone to be carefull and to pull thier shirts or in Korcha's case, vest over thier lower parts of thier faces. Serge and the gang searched all over the lower and higher parts of the marshes but found no traces of thier missing pary members.
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Glen went ahead off the other to look in different spots. After awhile he headed back.

"It seems like they've already left" glen said once he got back.

"They probaply have but if not we'll keep looking" riddel said.

Glen just nodded as they continued searching. After awhile of searching. They heard rusteling in the plants behind them. They turned around as some hyrdas came out of the plants. The hydras looked down at them then rn past them.

"What was that about" korcha asked.

"They're probaply some of the hydras that were sent here" serg said as he watched them go.

Once the hydras were gone they heard more sounds. They turned and saw a dwarf come out of the plants. It looked at them then backed up a bit.

"What are humans doing in the marshes" the dwarf asked.

Before glen or the others could answer the dwarf took out a whistle and blew it. A group of dwarfs came to the other with weapons in there hands. Glen stepped infront of riddle and prepared to draw the einlanze incase a fight was to start.
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