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My poem

Chocobo Gene

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I'm only an amateur, but I would like some feedback on my poem so here it is, I would like some comments for the future
Pride is a joy
Pride is happiness
Pride is People
Pride is what we are

Pride is misunderstood
As something which is negative?
But actually it is a rare virtue
Which few truly understand

Pride is not gloating
But in fact the opposite
It tells people who you are
And identifies people

Pride is pride
It is what you make
It makes us strong, and smart
To help us in our life


Thank you
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To me, it doesn't quite read as a poem (Though that's definately not a bad thing). It seems more like a... A speech, I guess, would be the best way to describe it.

I really liked it, gets the brain juices flowing.

Pride is misunderstood
As something which is negative?

I liked this line in particular. The insertion of that question mark rather than a period, it makes the line soo much better. It poses a question instead of an opinion, really drawing me in further.

It tells people who you are
And identifies people

I think that "And" could have been changed to an "It", or, heck, even removed altogether. Maybe that's just me though.

The last line, since it's all caps, really jumps out at you, but I felt it was out of place. This peom (Or speech as I prefer to think of it) has a really, really nice flow, but that last line breaks the flow. I understand it was probably all capitols to make an impact, but I feel it could have still made a great impact if it was like the other lines (Though, I would keep it on it's own like you have there).

Overall, minus one little thing about the last line, I really really liked it. You just brought a little life into my computer app class :)
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Thank you for your input, I'm glad that you took the time to look at my poem, I do see now that it does sorta read like a speech, like I said I'm only an amateur, so i'm still inproving my skill's.
I like your comment on the negative part, it's good to see that someone else thinks that a Question mark was better than a period, and your comments on the last line do make a bit of sense.
I thank you for your comments, and for my next poem I will try to incorporate your comments into my next poem (Which I am writing now), so if you check back later, I may be able to post a new poem.
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I've just finished up my second one, I thought i'd keep on the pride issue, I'm not a great fan of this one, so if anyone could give me an idea to inprove it, thanks!

Pride is a virtue
It is forgotten through time
Please do remember

Pride is a promise
Of the future and the past
And of the third, the present

Pride is important
Many people mark it down
But it shouldn?t be

Pride is a world love
It must be revived by us
No one else, but us
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