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RK/AU high school stinks!

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Guest yuuji chan
i donot own rurouni kenshin. it is propery of Nobuhiro watsuki-sama. sony
my first rurouni kenshin fic. it had to be a/u!enjoy!

Kimotsu high school.. 12:45 am .I waddled my pencil back and forth staring at the clock. ?ring bell ring? I heard a group of people laughing in back of me. ?HIMURA? I growled. He stared at me with the most beautiful gaze I?ve seen. ? What am I thinking?!? He made a face at me. ?what are you string at kaoru?? I got angry raising my voice.? you were staring at me first!? Mr. Nihinori caught me talking, ?Miss. Kamiya!? ?gomen Mr. Nightmare-sensei!? ?hmmm Mr.himura I?m sure you to will like to settle this in det-?The phone rang. ?please send Kaoru Kamiya to the front office its an emergency? nightmare rolled his eyes. ?Kamiya they need you in the office? I proudly stood up. Kenshin rolled his eyes. ?show off? he yawned.

I grabbed my stuff and walked out the door . My heart thumped as I felt dizzy and was seeing things. I tripped and was ready to collapse. ?Jo-chan!? some one caught me .?nani?? I looked up at the person. ?samoe? he grinned a smile be careful jo-chan , You want me to walk you to the office?? I smiled and got up from his save. ?ie , but thank you? he patted my back. ?I?ll see-ya? he left off . I opened the office doors. There were assistants looking like if they just woke up. ?miss. Kamiya?? I looked up . ?hai ? he looked down. ?we have received an message from the hospital about your father? I dropped my stuff. Shook his shoulder. What happened is he ok?!? he twiddled his fingers. ?ie, He Has passed away in a car accident coming from work? My heart shattered into tiny pieces . ?father?I screamed I yelled. ?ie my father? He held me tight. ? im so sorry?

I came back in the class room looking like I just heard some one die . I did. I felt light headed. When I heard kenshin?s voice. ?hey Kaoru what happened?? I stared at him. ?kenshin?.heh, my rival, my friend, who knows..? He looked up at me . ?my ?.father? he grabbed me as I fell forward. I passed out

?kaoru?kaoru??She opened her eyes slowly seeing who was calling her name. ?kenshin? he gave me the warmest smile. She blushed. Kenshin urged her up from the nurses office. ?They told me everything? I felt a tear come down from my face. ?oh? He snuggled me against him. ?its ok? I pulled away ?my former enemy?? he blushed . ?hai?

After a week after the accident my heart started recovering little by little. Misao took me to the mall to make me feel a little better. She got a smile on her face. ?so there?s a DDR contest today I frowned .?your not gonna enter?!? she stopped . I nodded a no. she Shook me. ?but you?re the queen , you have never missed a conteat?!? I looked at her with a smile. ?but I never do get first place do I?? she Relied her comment . ?oh yeah? she started to walk. ?but it wouldn?t hurt to try? I looked up at her. ?yeah , kensin?s going down? ?kenshin is the best ddr player in Tokyo? She laughed. ?yeah he is!?. whoa the mall was packed with people. We urged are way through the arcade. I sighned my self in

Name: Kaoru kamiya
Difficulty: Heavy mode

I submitted my paper to the man. ?your name will come up the screen with you opponent shortly? Misao was really exited . She kept and squeaking
There it is. ?I know you can do it Kaoru!? She pushed me up. I felt light headed again ?I could beat Kenshin this time? I waited my turn in line. I felt something tugging my hair. I looked back ?kenshin!? He smiled. ?Ready to lose?? Hmm He offered his hand to me to the machine. ?not quite yet? I inserted the token . ?your going down himura!? ~select music ~she scrolled the arrow and made a stop ~Candy~She breathed and stared at Kenshin who was winking at the girls in the crowed. Her knees felt like jelly. ?I could win this time!? Kenahin and her stared at each other. ~ready? Here we go~She sighed and looked at the screen. ?I can?

author notes: so wadda think? A cross over with ddr eh ch.2 comin soon

[font=Tahoma]Rk/au ch.5 Lets play spin the bottle

Wow time went fast. Its been 2 weeks already and I had to go to that party. I have to be noticed! ~DING~'
"HEy kaoru-chan you ready?" I smiled "hai I am" I was in some flannel skirt with a pink shirt. I looked cute ....

As soon as you know it I was there drunk and feeling light headed. Sanoe was the worst of them all. "Hey jo-chan Come here" I was leaning on the wall "uhhh~hiccup~"ok"

He got my arm and sat me down in the circle with the rest of the gang. "I go first!!!" Misao got the bottle and spun it. "OHoHOHO I GET TO KISS AOSHI-SAMA!" He Got up "RUN!"

sHE GROWLED "hey come back you have to kiss me!" 'I MAY BE DRUNK'
"Spin the bottle kenshin!" sANOE KNOCKED HIS BACK


[font=Verdana][size=1][color=red]Please keep your story to one thread. -- Lady Asphyxia[/color][/size][/font]
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