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Worst case scenario...


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[COLOR=Gray][FONT=Courier New]I'm not supposed to retell this tale, as it has caused two of my friends a great deal of embarrassment, but I think I will any way. After all, who doesn't need a good laugh every so often? No one I know.

Anyway, let's start this little story off by brushing upon the individuals involved. Let's call them Millcent and Eduardo.

Millicent's parents are strongly against pirating, well, anything. They all but forbid her from introducing 'foreign material' to her computer. That is: Millicent's not allowed to download anything, aside from small pictures.
She's not allowed to view anything anime related either, but you know...she manages.

Eduardo is a computer fiend. He is on the computer for the duration of all his free time. He is utterly, irrevocably, obsessed with Ragnarok (I think the second vowel is an 'a'. Sorry if I got it wrong..._ _U). So, seeing as Millicent and Eduardo are friends, Eduardo decides to ask her to play Ragnarok with him online.

Millicent thinks, "This sounds like fun--after all, Ed's always going on about how great this game is! I can hide it from the parental units no sweat!" So, she goes and downloads it.

So, everything is going fine with the downloading (which takes a while, incidentally). Millicent downloads the game, and Eduardo asks her to burn a copy of it onto a CD for him, as he doesn't have a burner. Fair enough.

"I'd love to, but I don't have any blanks at home."
"That's okay; I'll swipe one of my brothers at lunch, then give it to you during fourth."

Once again: fair enough.

So, as planned, Eduardo goes home, sneaks a CD from his brother's desk, and gives it to Millicent. The two go home content.

Upon arriving home, Millicent knows there's a limited amount of time before her parents get home. She has to burn this thing right away. So, she pops the blank (*blank*) CD into her drive.
Now, keep in mind: this is Eduardo's 17-year-old brother's CD.

Incidentally, it isn't blank.

So, Millicent discovers that this CD is basically 50megs worth of "pr0n". In horror, she lunges to press the eject button. Her finger comes in contact with it, is greeted by a slight click. She waits. Nothing happens. She presses the button again. Nothing. Waits some more. Still nothing.
Then, her mom walks in the front door and calls, cheerfully, "Millicent! Are you home?" Her mom then proceeds to enter the room, have a fit, and ground her for two weeks.
They then spent two hours trying to pry the CD drive open, until Millicent's sister, Amelie, presses the button. Then, of course, the drive pops open as happily as ever, the offending disc glimmering in the desklamp light.

I don't know if Eduardo's brother ever found out, but I don't think he did. After all, Ed's still alive.

But really, how do you make an excuse for having your friend's, brother's porn in your CD drive, STUCK, because you agreed to do something you were, under no circumstances, allowed to do?

Any other worst-case scenarios? I'd love to hear them. Read them. Whatever.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[font=Georgia][color=blue]Call me dense, but I'm not seeing the problem here. Isn't Ragnarok Online a perfectly legitimate game that you are allowed to distribute? If that's the case, what's wrong with telling the truth?[/color][/font]

[font=Georgia][color=#0000ff]Slightly off-topic, why would you burn a 650 MB CD with only 50 MB of stuff? That's sounds like a waste.[/color][/font]

[font=Georgia][color=#0000ff]I know I'm not helping, but I'm not clear on the situation. ^_^;[/color][/font]
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I have soooooo many worst case scenarios. I pulled so many boners, it's not funny. Boners, as in screw-up. Not as in...well...you know.

Let us begin: I had been 16 for about two week and I had not yet gotten my license. So, I, the dumb***, decide it would be a good idea to steal the car for a half hour or so while my parents went grocery shopping.

So, what do I do? I park the car that had been detailed, the very day before, in a small creek. It was a miracle that I was still alive afterwards. If you could see the car, you'd be surprised I'm still alive too. God, I'm such a dumb***.[/b][/size][/color]
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[COLOR=Gray][FONT=Courier New]Azure, what I mean is that her parents are sort of...let's put it that they don't even want her playing online video games. I should have included that little detail._ _U

From what I gather, they didn't believe her when she said it was legal to burn Ragnarok. I guess you sort of have to know the people in question--but still, you have to admit that is a really [B][I]bad[/I][/B] situation.

As for the use of all the space on the CD...don't ask me. Ask Eduardo's brother. *blink blink*

Goneral: I concur in full.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Guest wrestlemaniac40
Let's see. There's been so many. Ok. About a year ago my friend was over t my house. He showed me a trick that he could do with his dagger. He thrust it forward, flipped it, grabbed it by the handle so the blade was pointing to him. The he thrusted back. But when he thrusted back he cut his leg. There was blood everywhere. All over my carpet. I told him to put his leg in the bathtub and he did. So I ran the water. My windows are tinted and there are alot of cops in my neighborhood. So later that week one knocked on my door and went into my room. He was suspicious, because I just had the tinting put on, and he thought I might have been doing some dealing. The blood stains werent completely cleared. So they checked my house for some sort of dead body. My parents told him what happend, and he went away.
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