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Well, well... I'm poetic now...


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Some poetry I came up with at school... very boring US History class :sleep:

[U]Body Before Soul[/U]

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]In my last hours,
My existence contemplating,
And all those Heavenly powers,
Sitting, watching, waiting;

I brought myself to thinking,
That when I pass away,
while my body sits here, stinking,
My soul will fly away;

And I wonder here in Death,
That when my soul is gone,
After breathing my last breath,
What shall my body become?

What is the hand without the brain,
And what is the brain without the hand?
For when my soul to Heaven came,
My body turned to sand;

So now here in Heaven sitting,
Watching my body turn to dust,
I find my soul is missing,
My body's mortal lust;

Is it not that lust that defines a man,
Not this soul devine?
But where, I ask, in God's sacred plan,
Is that human lust of mine?[/COLOR]


So what did ya think? I actualy think I need one more stanza, but my mind was drawin' blanks, so this is it. Hope you like it.
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