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Tears of Blood, intro


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this is the intro to a story that i hope to eventually turn into a manga. Please excuse the grammar, i'm not very good. please, please give me feed back on what you think.

Tears of Blood
By: Ketsurui
Im standing there with my gun pointed at a man, that I didn?t even know the name of and yet . . . I hated him.
He was lying on the ground slowly crawling away while looking up at me in horror, the man asked in panic ?what do you want, huh, money?! Here you can have everything I?ve got, just don?t shoot me!? I reply while clenching my teeth and my gun in my hand ?you. . . you offer me money! No price is high enough to repent for what you?ve done!? He begins to mumble to himself words of panic. I felt more tears role out of my eyes and down my face, I screamed in aguish ?you son of a ***** why . . .? I reached up to wipe the tears from my face as my pain grew ?why? d you do it . . . no one... No one deserved that.? I could feel great sorrow building up in me, it felt like something inside of me was trying to escape, ripping through my body and soul. I wanted to kill everyone and everything, just to see them burn, I couldn?t take it any longer, my body started to shake as everything built up. I started to breath heavily, as my body grew more and more tense, I felt a snap in the back of my head, my whole body flinched. A breeze rushed across the ground, blowing dust up into the air. I looked away from the man who was still too afraid to speak sense, everything was quiet for a while except for the man?s heavy breathing . . . I looked back at him, and said in a very calm and emotionless voice ?people like you don?t deserve to live.? I smiled, there was a deafening scream from the gun it was almost demonic, and yet so angelic, it . . . It was pleasurable. Then a loud and sudden moan came from the man as his fleshed ripped apart and blood shot from his now disfigured face. . . The blood flew through the air in a very satisfying and beautiful way, I reached out slightly as my smile grew, I began to laugh. I felt it running down the side of my face, I reached up to wipe the blood from my hair, as I saw the blood . . . I fell to the ground and cried in sadness and in hate of all that has just happened. I pulled my hands away from my face and looked, they were covered . . . In blood and tears.
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