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This rage inside of me, builds so uncontrollably
How you seem to say everything so unknowingly
It hurts so much
And you don’t even care
You just make me want to grab your face
And open you eyes
To see that you are hurting someone
So much that it sears through my heart
And I don’t let many things in there
And yet it opens to you
But that prick, it hurts like you’re stabbing me
It stays in me,
And I can’t civilly talk to you without having thoughts of murder
People tell me to talk to you
I’m afraid I don’t know what to say
Especially when I know what you will tell me
I’m trying to speak to you
You’re not listening, just hearing
There’s a difference between the two
That prick grows stronger
Burning right through me
I want you to know
That I hate what you do
To me and no one else
You and I both know it
I want it to cease
I’d let you know
But it’s too late now
I’m not a part of your life
Its’ a shame, your loss
But I’ll give you another chance
If you’re intelligent enough to take it
You’ll get the same old me
Nothing more, nothing less
And I hope that’s enough
Because it’s all I have to give
Shut that immaturity out of yourself
It’s not you
I’m telling you
So, I want you to listen to me
Listen to me

~maybe the non-rhyming thing may work. Although I've already made a lot of them..oh well.
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