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Living in America


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Album: Living in America
Artist: The Sounds

You may have heard Living in america, their first single, once or twice on the radio, but I think this Swedish rock band needs much more attention. This album is one of the best of 2003.

The first song, Seven Days a Week, is a good catchy opener. This band has a heavy Blondie influence and a really strong 80's rock sound. The hooks pull you right in and delivers excellently.
Dance With Me is one of my favorite because of the keyboard intro. The song is good, but the rest of it doesn't quite deliver as well as I hoped. Living in America is terrific, the verse and the chorus bring out the 80's sound a bit more, and is overall a pretty good song.
Hit Me doesn't automatically sound the best, but the energy of the lead singer, Maja Iverson, makes up for it. This abuse anthem is a bit short, but it'll get stuck in your head quickly. Rock 'n' Roll and Mine for Life are my favorite songs on the album, songs about love and the effect of the cultural revolution of rock music.

I highly encourage you to take a listen to this album. Poppy vocals and rock music mix well. Fans of No Doubt will probably enjoy the sounds of The Sounds.
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