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(OOC) Out of Character Posts = Ain't So Cool


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[size=1]This has been a bit of a problem lately. Some members have been posting short (OOC) Out of Character posts in their RPGs without contributing anything to the storyline of the RPG.[/size]

[QUOTE=Examples of OOC Posts][color=red]OOC: Can you change your last post for me? I wanted to include the reverse zombie vampires myself, since it was my idea.[/color]

[color=darkblue][b][font=courier]OOC: GeishaMan, your last post was sooo funny! lol![/QUOTE][/color][/b][/font]

[size=1]There's nothing wrong with these types of comments, but they don't need to be included in the actual RPG. They can be sent to the individual members through private messages, so that OOC conversations don't end up detracting away from the RPGs themselves.

Any OOC posts that are not included with a "real" RPG post will be deleted immediately, and members are urged to limit the amount of OOC posts they do, unless it is neccessary for the game in some way.

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