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Watch Your Wit


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Who are you to say
I can’t live my life this way
It’s none of your business
I’m honestly being serious
You’ve stepped over the border
It’s not like you’re doing this for,
A fairly practical reason
What’s the harm in having a bit of fun
It’s nothing dirty or out of the ordinary
I wish you didn’t think it was funny
It’s plain cruel, how you do that
Where you coldly say things with out being exact
Leaving it vague, yet so hated
It’s like your saying, “I don’t care for you” except restated
Such a little gesture, gave monumental
Visions to my corrupted mind, and yet it’s fundamental
You are out there to make me miserable
Don’t look at me like I’m the one accountable
You got it all wrong, your thought ‘bout me
Is she crazy? Or is it he?
It’s a never ending war
A battle I’ll win someday, whether close or a far
So be prepared for my attack
You better watch your back
You won’t be expecting it
Just keep those candles’ lit

~'nother rhyming one..these poems that I have recently made threads for are oldies, mind you. Including this one. I didn't add punctuation because I'm a tad lazy. But I'll probably will in the new stuff. Thanks for the feedback.
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