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Good/Bad Anime Jokes


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[color=darkviolet]Okay, how do I explain this one-there was a thread up on Otaku Lounge for a while with bad jokes in the title. So now I'm wondering if anyone's creative enough to try and make up anime/manga jokes. Trust me, they don't have to be funny. They just have to make some sense and there should be atleast three of them.

Here are some of mine:

[b]Q[/b] What's pink, white, and red, and goes 100 MPH?
[b]A[/b] Sailor ChibiMoon in a blender

[b]Q[/b] How can you tell if Miaka has been to an all you can eat buffet?
[b]A[/b] If there's nothing left

[b]Q[/b] What's round filled with marshmallow cream and saves the city of Tokyo from danger wearing a Sailor Suit?
[b]A[/b] Sailor Moon Pie

[b]Q[/b] Why did the Durocel people run over ChibiUsa?
[b]A[/b] They thought she was the Energizer Bunny.

[b]Q[/b] What do you call it when you have Sailor Moon, sailor Chibi Moon and Tuxedo Kame tied up in your garage and a car starter in your hand?
[b]A[/b] Your lucky day

Well, there are some of mine. No, they weren't pretty. No, they weren't funny... or maybe they were. But hey, you try it.[/color]
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