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Ying and Yang


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Not sure if this should be on it's own thread or posted under Nashvilledreamer's thread. I thought I'd post it here to give it more exposure, and get some comments, and it is 'my' poem even tho it is a reworking of someone else's poem. And if someone is not happy, then this can always be deleted. :)

You can see the original thread [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=38424]here[/URL]

[b]Ying and Yang[/b]

Sometimes there is good
Sometimes there is bad
Sometimes you love
Sometimes you hate
But always there is balance
Always the Ying and Yang
For the universe is a timepiece
And to every equation
There is a solution.
So fear not despair
For hope is there
Fear not pain
For pleasure is around the bend
Most of all
fear not fear
for solace shall be near.
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