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Swingin' Billy Banner (><)


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[size=1][color=navy]I'v been in need of a new banner lately because i think I deleted my other one (even though I could upload it again, I'm way to lazy) plus, I think i'm in need of a newer and cooler one.

Yes, it's Billy again, you will all have to suffer my obssesion until it passes. I have about three or so pictures uploaded that I want to be on the banner. I would like it to say some kind of cool phrase, but so far the only thing i'v come up with is: "You made the word swing." (sucky, yes?). If you can come up with something better, please use it.

I don't want the banner to look really sloppy and stuff, if you could like multi-color the banner, that would look cool too (Example: Make one pic blue, the other pic green, the other red, ect.)

Well, thanx in advance to anyone who makes one ^^[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Book Antiqua]'ere ya go! Its not that awsomely good......but i think i did pretty well for not being able to do masks in Photoimpact GIF animator. Anywho.


[URL=http://www.imagetown.net/images/59933456.gif]bah. a linky to.[/URL][/FONT][/COLOR]
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