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Weiss Kreuz Fanfic: Lullaby.


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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]i first posted this on fanfiction.net under the name Quaterine Winner... it's edited a bit.

Ran looked down at Aya, smiling. It had been a week since she'd awakened from her coma, and she'd already made friends with the Weiss boys. Omi had taken a special liking to the sweet girl.

"Onii-san, sing to me, like tou-san and kaa-san used to do. Please?" One look at those doe-like eyes, and Ran's icy heart melted immediately. His cool, calm exterior softened.

"All right, Aya-chan. Just once." In a clear tenor, Ran began singing a lullaby that his mother and father had sung every night to Aya-chan since she was a baby.

"Goodnight, my angel

Time to close your eyes

And save these questions for another day

I think I know what you've been asking me

I think you know what I've been trying to say

I promised I would never leave you

And you should always know

Wherever you may go

No matter where you are

I never will be far away. . . "

Aya's eyes filled with tears as she whispered into the darkness. "Kaa-san. . . tou-san. . . I miss you so. . ."

Ran's eyes filled with tears as well. "It's okay, Aya. We have each other, at least." He hugged her tightly. "Shall I continue?" She nodded, tears gleaming as they made tracks down her cheeks.

"Goodnight, my angel

Now it's time to sleep

And still so many things I want to say

Remember all the songs you sang for me

When we went sailing on an emerald bay

And like a boat out on the ocean

I'm rocking you to sleep

The water's dark

And deep inside this ancient heart

You'll always be a part of me. . ."

Ran stopped, smiling as Aya climbed into his lap as she had done when she was little. "I love you, Aya-chan. You don't know how I worried about you. . ." He unconsciously tugged at his earring.

"Onii-san, I know. And I'm glad you worried about me. The others think you're cold and unfeeling, but I know better." She tapped her heart. "Here."

Ran blushed. "I... Aya-chan..."

"Please just keep singing, Ran... I'm so tired..." She yawned and snuggled against him.

Ken peeked into the room, smiling. His eyes widened as he looked at Ran. ~ He... looks like he's been crying. So you can get tears from a stone. ~ He smiled as he saw Aya. ~ She's so beautiful... and she looks so young and peaceful like that... ~ Tears sprang to his eyes.

"Goodnight, my angel

Now it's time to dream

And dream how wonderful your life will be

Someday your child may cry

And if you sing this lullabye

Then in your heart

There will always be a part of me..."

Aya had dozed off in Ran's arms. Tears ran slowly down his face as he rocked her gently, then set her down and tucked her in, still singing.

"Someday we'll all be gone,

But lullabies go on and on.

They never die

That's how you

And I

Will be."

Outside the room, Ken waited for Ran. ~ He might need someone to lean on. ~

Ran walked out of Aya's room, flipping off the light, and turning back to get one last glance at her. ~ Aya... you'll never know how worried I was... ~

Ken took Ran's hand as he left the room. "Ran... I'm glad she's safe."

Ran wrapped the younger man in a hug, sobbing. "You don't know how glad I am, Ken. And how glad I am for friends like you to see me through this."

Ken hugged back awkwardly. "I... thanks, Ran."

The two left in silence, each pondering different things, their lives seeming brighter and closer.[/ FONT]
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