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Wolfwood or You Got Serverd Banner and Avatar


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Well, which ever you can get your hands on. I'd like either a good banner and avatar of Either Wolfwood from Trigun, or The white spikey haired dude from You Got Served.

For the Wolfwood Set, Have a Pic of Wolfwood, any kind as long as it came from the show's artists. And on the Banner have a pic of him eithe toating his Cross Punisher or of the famous church scene, dying. And have the quote be : "If I am reincarnated, I want to go to.... Eden..." Having The first part at the top and Eden at the bottom.

For the You Got Served one, I would like An avatar of the white guy, just face, and for the Banner, have him doing one of his break dance moves and have it say : "You Just Angry...

Cuz Tonight... You Sucka's GOT SERVED!" much like the text in the previous Wolfwood banner.

Thank you in advance to all that give this a shot. I'd appreciate it very much.

Hoping the Best,
ReFlux aka DBD
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Here ya go, a Wolfwood banner. Trigun is a cool show, but too short for me. Anyways, here's your banner. I enjoyed making this one, although something about it irks me. Dunno what though. So, how is it? Any changes?


EDIT: Oh, and I'm working on a avatar to go along with it also.

EDIT EDIT: Here's the avy. [IMG]http://otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=18472[/IMG]
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