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Adventure of a Lifetime


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Well, I've got this story posted on another I site I'm on a lot, and I update it every now and then, so I would like to present to the ladies, gentlemen, and the undecided of OkatuBoards, Adventure of a Lifetime, the only (so far) written work of JulyFlame!
And, by the way, I have been working on this since November of 2003.

Part 1
?Tanner, Aaron.? the teacher said. It was the 5th of May, and many students were anxious for the days of summer.
?Here.? Aaron was a boy. Well, of couse he was, no sane parent would name a girl Aaron, would they? Little Aaron Tanner was a young man of nearly thirteen, a handsome cynic with blond hair and blue eyes, which got him into much trouble than many would believe was worth(the cynical part). He did, though.
?Winder, May.?
Aaron sighed. It was a good day, the weather was finally warmer than 70 degrees, and where was he? ?Stuck in a classroom,? he thought to himself. ?Geeze, this sucks.?
?I know.?
?Wha-!? Aaron fell out of his boredom and nearly fell out of his chair. His classmate looked at him curiously, some sniggering.
?Mr. Tanner, what are you doing?? the teacher asked, her eyes focusing on him.
?Nothing, nothing, I guess I accidentally stabbed myself with the pencil.?
?Alright then. Now class, in 1776 the declaration was written by Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and??
?What the heck!?! What?s wrong with me? I am not hearing voices, I am not hearing voices?? he thought out in his head.
?You?re right. After all, voices are picked up by the ear, not by the mind,? the voice said.
?Okay, this is official, I?m going nuts from too much sun,? Aaron thought.
?Actually, sun is quite good for you.?
?Mrs. Fletcher, may I go to the restroom please?? Aaron asked, holding his hand up.
?Yes. Take the pass.?
Aaron grabbed the pass and went to the boy?s restroom leaning against one of the stalls as he wiped his face with a wet paper towel.
?I cannot be going nuts yet!?
?You?re not. Somehow you tapped into an energy that is somehow making me able to speak to you.?
?I don?t believe this.?
?Well you should believe it.?
?There is no way this can be real.?
?Well it is.?
?I?m not listening!?
?Yes you are.?
?I?ve got to be dreaming!?
?No you aren?t.?
?I?m going to pinch myself. It doesn?t hurt in dreams!? Aaron pinched himself on the arm, slightly winching because he had pinched hard.
?See? You are awake.?
?Alright. I am nuts.?
?I sincerely doubt you are insane.?
?Looney, nuts, crazy, loco.?
?I?m not familiar with that last one.?
?They all mean the same thing!?
?Maybe I should show you how I look.?
?Oh, and how will you do that?? Aaron said, with sarcasm in his voice. Suddenly, a mirror in the bathroom started to grow foggy, and an image of a man appeared in it. Actually, it was of someone about his age, maybe a year or so older. The person in the mirror had brown hair and eyes, and was wearing an outfit that many of the videogame geeks would drool over.
He was wearing a cloak that had a large green colored stone as buckle for it, and underneath, Aaron could see a dark red shirt.
?Hello,? Aaron heard him say. He replied with his eyes widening.
?Oh boy,? Aaron said, taking in a deep breath. ?This is not happening.?
?You seem to like those words, don?t you?? the person in the mirror said.
?Okay, this is not happening.?
?There you go again. Yes it is. This is real. I am real. By the way, my name is Hewitt,? he said, pointedly.
?Okay, so what if all of this is real? Then how did you do that? How did I hear you in my head?? Aaron asked.
?Slow down. I can?t answer questions so quickly. It was magic, mainly. And as for how you heard my voice, I certainly do not know,? Hewitt said, his voice echoing slightly through the mirror.
?Whoa, did you just say magic? There is no way that can exist??
?Hey! What?s going on here! What are you doing to that pond, Hewitt? Hey! What?s in there?? a girl had wandered into the mirror?s view, and Hewitt looked slightly flustered at her appearance. She wore a dress under what looked like armor and had a sword hanging from her belt. She threw something, probably a rock, at the surface of the mirror. And it did something very surprising.
It came through the mirror, and hit a bathroom stall.
?Wow, Hewitt! Did you see that! The rock went right through the water! Where?d it go, anyway?? the girl said, looking directly into the water.
?Oh darn. I don?t think I did the spell right.? Hewitt said.
?How can you mess it up? It?s magic, that shouldn?t happen, right?? Aaron asked, worriedly. The rock had come an inch from hitting his head.
?Wow, it thought that was just an illusion of yours.?
?Well it wasn?t. This was supposed to be a small image of what was happening in both dimensions, ours and his. But somehow it is now a portal. By the way, Aaron, this is my friend-? Hewitt said, getting cut off by the girl. Aaron didn?t really notice, he was wondering how Hewitt knew his name.
?My name is Channery Wiseye. But everyone else calls me Eri, they say my name and me are too much of a mouthful altogether. Sorry about the rock,? Channery said, apologetically, and fast.
?It?s alright.? Aaron said.
?You both didn?t understand the words ?dimensional portal?, did you?? Hewitt said.
?A what?? Aaron asked.
?This has become an entrance to both worlds. Meaning, that?s why the rock went through!? Hewitt said, excitedly.
?What?s that mean?? Eri asked, turning towards Hewitt, and away from the mirror?s face.
?It means it?s a door.? Hewitt said, bluntly. ?You really aren?t taught that much, are you??
?Oh.?Eri said, pausing awhile. ?Hey! I got an idea! How about you come through to this side of the door, Aaron??
Aaron thought about what he should say as Hewitt slapped his forehead, in a way as to say, ?What an idiot!?
?Okay.? And so he walked in, through the boy?s restroom mirror.

Part 2

Aaron took a deep breath. All around him, were images, of worlds, and of many people inside those views of the worlds. He saw in one a young woman, she was wearing a white tunic and was aiming an arrow of sliver into a large monster, a hydra. A man with blond hair was also shooting at it, but with golden arrows.
He passed a large image of a young boy who was fighting against another person his age. The boy seemed furious.
Another image passed. And another. And another. Aaron closed his eyes as he walked through. The images were too mind boggling to look at too long.
And then suddenly, even through closed eyes, he knew the images had stopped. ?Welcome to Arcanis.?

Part 3
Welcome to Arcanis."
Aaron opened his eyes. The girl ,Eri, was the one who said the words. He looked around. Behind Eri and Hewitt was a large whitewashed castle, with to his right a drawbrige that was down, letting travelers and merchants in.To his left was after the moat, about 500 meters away, was a forest that had a dirt road going into, and hopefully, Aaron thought, through it. But for Aaron, the biggest problem was what was behind and under him. And that was the pond, which was under the enterance to his world.
But amazingly, he was over the water, not in it. And that was lucky, as from what Aaron could see from the sized fish where he was over, it was about 3 feet deep. He gingerly lifted a foot and placed it on the air right in front of him. It stayed, seemingly weightless. Aaron sighed in relief and walked to where Hewitt and Eri was.
"Couldn't you have told me the enterance was over a pond? " He asked, once he was on dry land.

Part 4
"Well, no. If you knew, you wouldn't have came through." Hewitt said, calmly, polishing his greenstone buckle.
"He's always like that," Eri giggled. Some guards showed up, in polished armor and helms with light blue feathers in them and once they saw Eri, kneeled and bowed.

"Milady Channery, what may ask I are you doing with your father's mage and a commoner?" the head of the guard asked, not looking directly at her face. "I thought that Mercanno and Ryiran said that you would be fencing with them."

"Milady?" Aaron asked in disbelief. Eri acted like anything but noblity, it seemed to him.
"Guardsmen Adens, I decided I would perfer to fence later and instead talk to Hewitt and his friend," Eri said cooly.
"Well, alright then, Milady, but your father, Lord Corithern, gets concerned when you say one thing and do another," Guardsmen Adens said, then left with the guard
(Does anyone want to see a drawing I did of Hewitt in Paint? I also have one of another character who comes into the story later... If you want it, tell me so I can e-mail it to you.)
And that is the work of several monthes in one post. Hope ya'll enjoy! ;)
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