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Yoshi's Poetry (EEG!)


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[SIZE=1]If you know me, you know I go by Yoshi. And if you know that, then you know I'm a bit of a nerd. But I also write some kickin' poetry. Since I'm new to the boards, I thought I'd give you all a sample so you can get to know me through my writing. =)

Emotions building, burning inside
Take a breath, swallow your pride.

Feel it twist and writhe within
Grab hold of life, give it a spin.

Though their words cut skin deep
The voyage begins with just one leap-

Of faith, of hope, of something unique
Scream inside, but stuggle to speak.

The world's gone to hell and it's burning bright
Afraid of darkness, sheild your eyes from the light.

Could it catch flame?
No longer tame

But a fierce and brutal desire's alive
You glare through smoke, fight to survive.

When it feels like nothing matters, not one little thing
Remember that self-combustion ain't the swing.

-Black & Blue-
Mentally knocked, I try to defend
Against the force your blows send.

Your words bite deep and still deeper;
One day you'll awaken the sleeper.

Energy thrust into planning ahead,
I struggle to escape your grasp instead.

My head aches from those words you threw,
But it'll come tumbling all too soon.

Soft on the outside, but tougher within,
I'll turn the tables and give you a spin.

Don't think you can bury me under for long
With your harsh words and attitude strong.

I may be faulty, perhaps black and blue;
But don't you dare turn away so soon.

Eh, I have more, but that would be such a long post. Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading![/SIZE]
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