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Queer Eye For The Straight Guy


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[color=darkviolet]This is my absolute favorite show of all time as of August of last year. :laugh:

I love how they actually get the guys to make themselves over, dress them up nice and fix up their houses/apartments. Along with trying to teach them to cook. Which usually turns out with rather catosrophic results.

I think one of my favorite episodes was when they nmade over that one guy who worked in a gym. The Christmas special was good too.

My favorite Fab Five member would have to be Jai because he's just so out there.

So I guess what I'm asking is if anyone else likes the show. What their favorite episode is, and who their favorite memeber of the Fab Five is.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy airs at 10/9C on Bravo[/color]
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I actually really love this show just because each of the Fab 5 is so funny in his own special way. My favorite would have to be Thom just because it's amazing how he can totally transform a room and make it look really awesome! I seriously want him to redecorate my house, haha. And I absolutely adore Carson because he's just so funny and witty, and he'll say the most random things that make me crack up hysterically.

As for a memorable episode, I think my favorite would have to be one of the recent ones in which they made over this tall Korean-American guy. His dog was just sooo cute and adorable, albeit a little rowdy, haha. And even after the make-over, it was so funny how the Fab 5 were clowning on his girlfriend for being too high maintenance because it seemed like she didn't enjoy any of the changes that happened and the poor guy was trying his hardest to please her. That was such an awesome episode, and I couldn't stop giggling, even after it ended. It certainly is an incredibly entertaining show ^_^

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[color=hotpink][size=1]I also love this show and take a very guilty pleasure in watching it. There's just something so sexy about gay men that you can never have running around and doing the things that they do. I really wish I could get my boyfriend on the show so that I could him made over, plus my apartment (not like he needs a make-over, but if we lived on our own, I'm sure our apartment would...).

My favorite is KYAN, the grooming GUY! He always wears those tight shirts and those sexy pants and I just melt every time I see him. It must be the allure of the ones that you just can't have...[/color][/size]
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Oh my gosh! I love Queer Eye! I just found it not too long ago, maybe a month or so. It is so funny. It's cool how the Fab 5 take a not so pleasant looking guy and turn him and his home into something cool.

My favorite episode would have to be the one when they made over that stand up comedian. The guy was totally strange looking when they started out and by the end of the show, he was.....well, still strange looking, but not as trashy. I probably liked the episode because at the end of the show, the guy proposed to his girlfriend.

My favorite guy of the Fab 5 would have to be either Jai or Kyan. Jai is so hot, though I don't have a chance. :( And Kyan is just cool. He's sexy also. ;)
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