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Sing to the Sarrow


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This is the 3rd poem I wrote so it's a little sketchy. I still want to know who likes it and what I should change about it to make it better though. :)

Can't ignore the time, it's precious can't ignore the people
traveling this lonely street. Without these other souls, life...it's
just not so bitter sweet. Although we're all here, trapped beneith the
sands of time, blinded by our father's crimes I know that I'll never
forget all those once bright and smiling faces, I know I cannot wipe
them from my mind. Although we may run far or try to hide, no matter
what in our memories we can confied. Now take my hand my dear old
friend, we'll walk together until the end. Now take my hand as I
am yours and you are mine, we'll be together till the end of time.
I promise you my total loyalty. In sickness or health, in poverty
or royalty. No more road blocks in our way, 'the skies the limit'
as some might say. You hold my life within your grasp, my beating
heart, my final gasp. We've come so far and done so much, I can almost
feel the reaper's touch. Losing all and gaining none, I am you and we
are one. Yet who's to say if we win or lose? Is it not our own fate which
we can choose? Now the world around us is caving in, has my journey ended
before it could truely begin? An eclipse of terror has dawned on me, must
I release my hold on thee? I drop your heart, your hand, your soul yet
there's one last thing which you must know. Oh, it hurts so much: the
letting go, we're split apart, we once were one. Now I stand here and
without you I am none. I am left now to reflect, how great this was
which I have wrecked. I flood the world with my tears as I think about
our lost years. I know it now, what I must do, please forgive me, I'm
coming home to you. I place the dagger upon my chest, this utter
darkness, my place of rest. Now I let it flow, this crimson lake,
at last it's my own life which I take. I pray forgiveness for my deceit
along your side I could take on the world and all felt right, without
you I admit defeat with no will to fight. I see you now before the golden
gate, what will you say I cannot wait. To my surprise the ground, it rumbles.
Before my eyes, the castle crumbles. There is no hope, no fearless savior,
I dug my grave...and now I lay here.
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