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Well, I'm just gonna post a few verses here. Tell me if you like and if there's anything I can do to improve. Please, be truthful with criticsm.



My name is Scratch,
Enlight ya like a match,
fools try to guess the plots that I hatch,
but I'm predictable,
rhymes like this aren't evictable,
fools should know that Scratch is undefeatable,
the Perfect Specimen,
battle with me, there is no living testament,
So I guess you'll just have to keep guessin' it.
Now I'm confessin' it, I'll tell ya the truth
Cuz I rid of all the living proof
Kids say: My language is colorful like a Dr. Seuss Novel
Green Eggs and Bacardi when you swig the bottle
Listen up fools, this is my motto
Your rhymes would be rich if you won the lotto
And I'm agains guns, my gat is my lips
I'm a kid who spits rhymes that have copper tips
I ain't discrimminatin' against no one
I'm just against guns, that why I don't tote none
My rhymes alone are enough to give you brain failure
By the time your done hearin', you'll be coppin' an inhaler

In real life, Scratch is a nice guy
He just spits mean like Obie Trice, guy
Good fellow, violent lyrcist
Flows like this are kinda mirrorless
But they try to steal my lines
But fools can't copy cuz I'm a one of a kind
Steal my rap, that ain't ****
I still be in first and place ya in fifth
So, I'm now introducing, The Champion of the World
Scratch, makes fans of all the boys and girls
But I'm not good for all ages
Hell,I'm not even good for magazine pages
Cuz my rhymes negate the game
Fools talk about killin' and I put them to shame
Pretty Boys and Thugs are the rulers of the land
In the Biz, Sex and violence go hand in hand
Man, Oh Man, I couldn't take it
So I picked up the pen and tried to make it


Thats kinda of imberressing cuz thats me at my worst. I have better stuff. Some of those lines aren't too good, but once I find my good material, I'll post it. Thats just a little bit of it. I have a alot more and once I find them.[/color][/size]
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