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Death By Monkeys Banner (Family Guy/Futurama)


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Okay, I want this to be animated if you guy's can do it. I hope you will try. It goes like this:

use red font, times new roman, use the caption things in the text too, like adult swim, the timing should be 3 seconds per frame.

(White Back Drop)
[The Most Horrible Of Punishments...]


(White Back Drop)

[For the Most Hanus of Crimes....]


(White Back Drop)


(White Back Drop, Larger Font)


(White Back Drop, Even Larger Font)


[image zooms in and out three times]


(White Backdrop, normal font)

[Insert Blood Curteling Scream]


Please give this a try guy's, please.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]I tried. *dances* My first full animation thing. Only two things wrong though. ^^; I wasn't able to re-size it, and didn't have the zoom in and out three times thing. Sorry about that. If there's anything you'd like changed let me know.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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