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Immortal Realms


Do you think this will be a good idea for a movie?  

  1. 1. Do you think this will be a good idea for a movie?

    • Yes, it sounds pretty interesting
    • needs more magic,nudity
    • needs more of everything, i will help make it better
    • none at all

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[COLOR=Navy] :cool: [SIZE=3].oO(ok people here is a start of an anime being created by some people i know, they are currently looking for a set layout. So i was asked to post the preview of the first couple of parts, and have the audience come up with some ideas. If your ideas are used i will contact you. But ether way they wan't a complete play out of it, so here it gose.)

the lay out ~ It starts off as a stormy eavening, the clouds darkening turning to hazes of purple and dark blue. Lightning striking in a distance, hitting some trees casing a small spark. Two people are walking down the road to head home....

Hey Setu... so you comming to my party tonight? I don't know who will all show up considering the storm that is occuring...

Yes, Meia i will. Don't worry after all i only live three housed down from you. And i think others will show up. Remember we all where going to that graveyard .

Oh yah, heh how could i not remember such a thought. Is Sojo bringing the candles and the wine for the spell he wanted to do?

Yah and Konichie is bringing the blades. Don't forget we still have out dule to finish. We are going to end this fare and square!

~Meia looks to Setu with a glaze in her eyes like she wants to tell him something but she keeps herself back.~ Yes, you all shall finish your battle and i will be there for you.

~Setu looks to meia with agrrence then says his goodbyes to her, heading to his shack like home. Nearest the storm.~ Hey i'm home!

~Setu shuts the door quietly and begins to pick up the house some. The sound of his drunken parents could be heard in the backround arguing. Then silence... A few moments later the noise began again but with the sound of pleasure and the head board on the wall. 17yr old Setu just then went to his room, packed his few belongings, school work, and a bottle of rum into his bag. Placed his new katana, and silver blade in its shieth and left his house to meias... While running down the road a man crashes into setu, causing him to fly up in front of the vehicles window. The man in the car quickly jumps out of his vehicle. The man was a tall shadowy figure with a full black beard. Picking up the boy he studdys him some, as if considering something. Setu slowly begins to wake up only seeing a fuzzy view of the man. And withought futher warning, the man pulls out a female head piece and a male armlett.Handing it to the boy he quickly jumped back into the vehicle and took off. Setu slowly stands back up scratching his head some wondering what just really happend. smoothing out his now torn black butten colalrd shirt~ "Crap, out of all days this has to happen... ~he says to himself looking intently at the items the man left with him. He puts the armlett upon his right arm, and thinks how Meia would like the head piece or whatever it was. So he headed back down to her house.

~Mean while over at Meia house: 18 meia enters her abandoned home, and she looks upon the picture of her mother who abandoned her when she was 16. She ran off with another man, leaving her home alone here... Quickly cleaning up the house some for her small party tonight the phone rings. When she pickes it up all you could hear is a staticy sound...she shrugs thinking its because of the storm wish is soon to hit...such strange weather.... Meia then runs to her room dropping her books down on her bed and she begins to strip for a shower. Getting in the shower she begins to think about the sounds she has heard all day...and how she misses her mother...

From the outside Setu is knocking on the door, having no answer he enters the house. " Meia are you in? I know you are home!" Getting slightly worried he begins to search the house... Meias shower is done and as she walked out of the bathroom door Setu stands in front of her (meia has a towl on people) "I am soo sorry meia, you didn't answer the door and.... ~Setu stammers in an embarresed manner. But meia mearly smiles and says it is alright. Her face slightly flushed, and her visible body dripping with water. Setu measures her towled figure but quicly turnes away..a little nervously. Meia mearly smiles once more and walks to her room leaving the door cracked. Setu just stands there and wants to look but decides not to. Enstead he contemplates and then walked back downstairs.
Meia finished getting dressed in her plad mini skirt, an a black strappless shirt. She placed a whip at her thigh and straped a dagger around each thigh. She was going to be her character at this party. Walking down the stairs she watches with amusment the look on Setus face. "Well then boy, told you i would dress my part...what happend? Did you get into another fight? ~she asked in a concerned manner.
"No meia, a car nearly hit me...but hey (with a smile) No worrys...when will the others arrive?"
Oh here soon! nice armlett setu where did you get it? (She askes with curiosity)
"Oh same place i got this! (Hands meia the head piece) ~Taking it freely she smiles with awe..."Oh Setu...this must of been expensive!" ~she quickly grabed him and embraced him with a tight hug, thanking him happily for the guift and placing it apon her forehead. And at that moment the door rang.....

(this may not seam like alot, but they are working on more..and hoping for your ideas on who will show up, and what will happen...this story is going to be an interesting one at that too. thank you for your time)[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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