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"Tears of Blood" a new short story


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I just decided to write this story since I was stuck on what to write next in my book so I hope you enjoy the small part of this story that I DO have finished.

Tears of Blood

I lay in my bed staring up at the ceiling rather then sleeping. I doubted I would ever sleep again after the events of the past week. I'll get to that in a moment but in the mean time I supose I should tell you a little about myself since we've never met before...have we? I'm Alan Orr, a 15 year old kid. Just a normal guy with normal friends and a (usually) normal life. I don't know about you but that all sounded pretty boring to me up until last week but now there's nothing I want more then to be able to just lie in this bed or sit on the couch watching TV. I guess I should start explaining myself now, if I start crying or I space out and look like I'm about to pee my pants just hit me.
It all started when my friends Joe, Alain and Joe's girlfriend Brittany asked me to go on a walk down to the quarry. Joe had supposedly stolen a dune buggy from some kid's front yard and we were going for a night ride. I know it sounds stupid but hey, these people are my friends and they had been for at least five years now. With the acception of Brittany of course, I'd only met her about a month or two ago. My point is that since these people had stayed with me for so long I didn't want to do anything to jepordize that. Once again I know that sounds stupid but I'm an adventurous guy and I couldn't allow myself to pass up this oportunity.
So I left a note for my parents who were watching the evening news then after sneaking a few bucks from my moms purse (it was a dare...no, not just a dare...a double dog dare) besides she wouldn't miss $13 anyways. Then we were out the front door and on our way to the quarry.
It was a cold, damp night as it had rained earlier in the afternoon. Water dripped from near by trees onto the street in puddles and in no time flat the only sound that could be heard were our footsteps on the pavement and a constant beating of water on water like a leaky faucet that just won't stop. The streets were abandoned except the four of us, our shadows stretched out infront as we walked and they mingled with the shadows of whispy trees making the illusion of four people hanging at the gallows swaying gently in the breeze.
After about 20-something minutes of walking by the thin ray of light from Alain's flashlight the street lights clicked on one by one transforming the wet streets from a dark slightly shimering landscape to a new, beautiful golden world. One that emerges at night and shows it's face to only those who walk by the moon's silver light.
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