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Request Love Banner request-sounds weird, plz read at least


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ok well to exokain. i want a banner of a love triangle. one girl 2 guys. it doesnt have to say anything on itbut it should look like a sad/dark banner. like, the girl is sad and confused because she likes both these guys. i donthave a prefrence as to what anime it should be as long as it isnt dragon ball z or naruto, sorry but i cant stand those :wigout: anyway please try and have all the people frmo the same anime and just kinda blean the images together. an optional little thing, try to have one guy with black hair and one with blonde. its kidna gonna represent this part of my life. long story lets just say jr high sucks :p so um yea other then that its pretty open, basically the banner should have 1 girl, two guys, should look sad/dark and cant be dragon ball z or naruto. i know this is kinda confusing so if your confused then ill help out a bit. thank you in advance! :D
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