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FFX-2 Ava and banner request


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i havent been on OB in a long while, so all my stuff except my profile was deleted, i guess.... and I'd leik a new ava and actually get a banner(i've never had one....)

so, if you could use this pic or any others, i'd luv you forever...I want Paine only if you will.

and i DON'T mind if my name is in it :)
oh yeah, and have the banner say "Find a sphere, and the fiends appear."
or if it won't fit or w/e u don't have to put that in.

thx a lot in advanced


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[FONT=comic sans ms]whoa~!! I love it thx so much :love:
how ironic, I'm recently practicing calligraphy :D
*quotes my Japanese tutor* "You did good job."[/FONT]

leik I said up there^

"I luv you" :heart:

and to answer: it's my new favourite pictcha

thx again :p
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