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A poem of Life (Final Fantasy X Related)

Chocobo Gene

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Well, I'm gonna try it, I fell like a poem, please tell me your comments on it, and tell me what I could do to improve it.

I'm waiting
Yet I only see the sun
I can fell you
But there is only wind

At night, I fell you on my skin
but only the covers are there
I see you in the spherepool
but they are all shadows of memories

I wished we could have help infinity in my hand
so our faithful encounter could have bore fruit
and I could hear you whisper those words
"I love you"

You dissapeared too suddenly
Your body went like a bird
Life grabbed you away like a toy from a kid
And left we to pick up the pieces

I wait for you, here on the precipice
I wait to fell your touch
To hear your voice
To hear those words

I'm waiting, I'm waiting here, forever

I hope you enjoyed my poem, If I can get enough responces, and comments on how to improve, I will write more poems on this subject, thank's :)
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Hmmm... pretty interesting. Just a tad generic really. Nothing against the poem, but I can't count the number of times I've heard..." could hear you whisper those words
"I love you""

"I wait to fell your touch"


But anyway, you've got a talent ^_^-V
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I walked through the fields
And yet another fight awaited
I'm tired of fighting
It seems so empty

I walk through the woods, as dying they are
And yet another fight
When will it end
I'm too tired for this

Fighting is just too periodical
It happens too often
All I want to do is rest
Yes, rest, that is what I want

Can I not lay here and sleep
Dream of my dreams, the ones which have escaped me
One's which have me living my old life
a thousand year old life

I now think, and remeber the days
I embrace this
As a child embraces his first thoughts
And I bless them, as they are me

I now walk home, to see what awaits
Yet another fight as I walk on the baron road
I draw my sword and fight
I defeat the enemy and think to myself

"This will have to change"
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