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A Doller A Day

Guest Joey Killer

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Guest Joey Killer
[COLOR=Red][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Well........This is probally spam-ish, but I need to entertain my fans, don't I?
Don't reply if you have nothing nice to say!


Once there was a buff dude who was gay. He had two sons; one by the name of Gohan, the other, Goten. They were buff as well. One day, Chichi, Goku's wife grounded her sons for being spikey-haired shitheads. That sucked, 'cause Goku needed help saving the world. Some evil @sshole of an android blew up the world, and that [B]really[/B] sucked 'cause Goku died.
[CENTER]Sakura's Day[/CENTER]
Once there was a girl by the name of Sakura. She was the typical lovesick girl in every way. One difference: She was a ninja. She was in love with a boy ninja. His name was Sasuke. Sasuke hated her guts. One day, Sakura tried too win his love by fighting off the evil ninjas who looked to kick Sasuke's ***. Her foe, Zabuza, an evil @sswipe; kicked her ***. (Zabuza was high off of joints, too, which makes her defeat all the more pathetic...) Sasuke stood over her laughing as she died.
[CENTER]The End... [/CENTER] (untill I come up with more f*cked up ideas...)[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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