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How much anime merchandise do you own

Guest gendou ikari

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Guest gendou ikari
i was just wondering how much anime merchandise you people own (please dont count this as spam)and if you were wondering if im new ,yes.. im new :D

i own:

rorouni kenshin mangas vol.1 and vol.2
full metal panic the anime mission
inuyasha mangas 1-16
evangelion mangas 1-7
samurai deeper kyo mangas 1-3
trigun mangas 1-2
flcl mangas 1-2
love hina mangas 1-13
gundam 0079 mangas 1-3
full metal panic mangas 1-2
.hack mangas 1-2
shonen jump 2003 january-april 2004
newtype (7 of them)
anime insider (3 of them )
thats all i can name off of the top of my head so ill have to check later...

trigun (all exept the last one)
outlaw star (box set)
rahxephon vol.1
evangelion all of them
evangelion movie
dbz (i used to like it a while back but i despise it now) all of them cept the last saga
gundam 0083 vol.1 and vol.2
gundam endless waltz
gundam 08th ms team vol.1
thats all i can remember without having to go check

action figures :

evangelion unit 02
evangelion unit 09 (with wings)
evangelion unit 09 (with accesorries and dilapidated unit 02)
evangelion mini figures set 1 (angel attack)
evangelion sculpture ,sachiel
evangelion sculpture, eva unit one, with defeated sachiel
link on epona (from zelda ocarina of time)
evangelion unit 01
monav the gale ,see through version (from trigun)
vash (from trigun)

some american gundam toys

2 evangelion wallscrolls
2 rorouni kenshin wallscrolls
2 evangelion posters
3 rorouni kenshin posters
1 naruto poster
1 .hack poster
1 happy lesson poster
1 hellsing poster

there ya go! im still working on my collection cuz it isnt very big :D well see you guys,girls later :cool:
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That's quite an impressive list you have there Gendou. :)

Unfortunately, I just don't see the point of merely listing your belongings and calling it a thread. 'Know what I mean? But, you know, you're free to use the Literature forum if you want to host in-depth discussions on the books you've mentioned. And Anime Lounge would be a terrific spot for you to discuss your movies. Just put the appropriate amount of effort into developing your thoughts and you should be fine. Private message the respective moderators of those forums if you have any questions. They'll be glad to help you.
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