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Guest gendou ikari

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Guest gendou ikari
I was just wondering how much anime merchandise you people own.

I own:

Trigun vol.1 and vol.2
inuyasha mangas 1-16 (I think that i own 1-16 but im too lazy to check :D )
love hina mangas 1-13
rorouni kenshin mangas vol.1 and vol.2
evangelion mangas vol.1-8
samurai deeper kyo mangas 1-3
shonen jump (all of them)
newtype (7 of them i recently got a new one)
anime insider (3 of them)
full metal panic the anime mission
full metal panic vol.1 and vol.2
gundam 0079 (all of them i just finished my gundam collection)
.hack mangas vol.1 and vol.2
Tuxedo gin vol.1,vol.2 and vol.3
How to draw manga

Thats all i can remember off of the top of my head in terms of manga (books)

Anime movies:

evangelion (all of them)
Trigun (all exept the last one)
outlaw star (box set)
Rahxephon (vol.1)
spirited away
evangelion movie
Gundam 0079,0080,0083(all of them exept i only have 2 0083)
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz

action figures:

from eva:
unit 01
unit 02
unit 09 (with wings)
unit 09 (with dilapidated unit 02)
unit 03
unit 01
unit 01 (sculpture)
sachiel (sculpture)
miniture evangelion figures (set 1)

From zelda:
Link on Epona

From Gundam:
Some american gundam action figures

let me put it this way... i forgot the color of my wallpaper due to exessive use of laminated posters and wallscrolls.

Ok...So thats my collection,and I would be happy to read your collection if you are willing to write it all down. Please moderators,do not delete,close, or lock this post,it took me a while to type.Oh yeah and for you who observe this post.. reply to it!Show me what you have in terms of anime and manga merchandise thank you and goodbye.
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[color=hotpink][size=1]I am just too afraid to let this thread stay open. I know you're going to hate me, but it's my duty. Just consider it: everyone who posts after you will just be posting lists of the things they have. There will be countless spam and it will just be much more trouble than it's worth. It's a nice thought, but it never could have worked out.

:( Thread Closed.[/color][/size]
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