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I request your help with a Banner... (pic included)


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I am lacking the skills to provide myself with a proper banner so I'm asking that one of those with these skills would please turn the attached picture into a lovely banner with the words...

Faith is for those who lack strength...

I appriciate all attempts. Thank you.

[size=1][color=teal]Title edited. Please be sure to make it as descriptive as possible, or it may not attract people to even enter the thread. -Syk3[/color][/size]
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[quote name='Obsidian_Rose']Thank you for your efforts. May I ask one more question? How do I put it in my signiture?[/quote]


Copy and past that into your siggy (Without the * in it), I figured, since I couldn't make a good banner for you, I'd help you with the code.
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