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RPG Yu-gi-oh: The Virtual Reality virus


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[COLOR=Green][I][b][SIZE=2]Scalvur walked to the new Yu-gi-oh sensation; The VR game.
It's easy, just sit on a VR chair and let the programm of choiche activate.

When Scalvur arrived, he saw he was the fifth duellist today, he showd his ID and got his Dueldisk.
He took a seat on a VR chair and he activated the Dragon/Toon programm.

The world twisted arround and arround, and suddanly, it stopped.
When he looked arround he saw that he in dragon city was.
He walked down the street looking to the shops where he could buy VR cards for points.
He stopped in front of a large shop, and looked to the dragon champion card.
He had almost enought points to buy it.
He decidet to go to the mountain and defeat some dragons.

He saw the dragons proudly fly in the sky.
He decited to start whit some weaker dragons, like lesser dragon, annd crawling dragon.
He activated his duel disk and slapped his deck into it.
Scalvur decidet to play dian keto the cure master, he knew he could use it again over 10 minutes.
As Scalvur seeked for some weaker dragons, he was shot in the back by a fireball.
He turned around and played la jinn the mystikal genie of the lamp, and attacket the attacker, wich was dragon zombie.
When la jinn dissapeared, he couldn't use him for 5 minutes.
Because the attack of the dragon zombie was 1600 and the defense 0, he got 1600 points, he knew he now had 180000400 points.
Suddanly he heard an awfull high voice, and as quik it started, it dissapeared.
He discovered he had no contact with the real world, but they had.
He got a signal from the real world;"No need to panic, to return you need to defeat the virus."
Scalvur returned to the city to buy gaia the dragon champion, polymerization and gaia the fierce knight.

Suddanly he stopped.
He felth someone was looking at him, he looked around but didn't see anyone.
He looked up and saw an red eyes black dragon with an man riding on it.
"I challenge you to a duel"he said.

Since their where 10 minutes past, he could use all of his cards again.
He set m/t 3 cards and set a monster.
Then he had to jump awai from the fire ball of a red eyes.
His opponent set an monster and attacked with his red eyes.
"I'll ban you from the VR for today, by bringing your life points to 0."
The man played cheerfull coffin on smmoned skull, and played monster reborn, but
Scalvur blocked it with magic jammer.
"I'll discard Bleu eyes white dragon an summon him on the field whit monster reborn!"
"I don't think so; magic jammer"
"To bad...seven tools of the bandit!"
-Bleu eyes proudly appeared and attacked red eyes.
The dragon tried to defend hemself with a fire ball, but the white lightning was to strong, and red eyes dissapeared in thousands of pixels.-
The man tried to do something, but Scalvur was to fast;
"I flip my monster; man eater bug!eat his closed monster!"
Man eater bug ate an baby dragon.
"Now i'll sacrifice my bug for summoned skull; attack directly!"
-Summoned skulls lightning hit the man, which fall down.-
Scalvur played dian keto againand attacked again whit summoned skull, the man was defeated.
-Slowly the man dissapeared, he played his life.-
Defeating a duellist gives 5000 points, and 1000 for each monster, so he got 6000 points.

Now he buyed the cards.

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Jon walke up to the building where the newest fad was born. Virtual Reality promised to bring duelsits to a new level of dueling. The program was designed and perfected by Kaiba, and the duilding towered above the rest. Jon walked up to the registration booth and signed up with the receptionist who gave him his ID card and set him up with 40000 points. He then proceeded to the elevator where he was taken up to the seventh floor and led to a bed with a glass cover over it. Jon layed down as the cover closed over him and sensor pads connected themselves onto his forehead. A sweet scent wafted through the constainer as Jon was lulled into a deep sleep. With a few beeps from the sensor, he was transported into the virtual world. Jon looked around at a serene mountain view.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Kaiba outdid himself this time. I wonder how long it took to create all this. I mean even the breeze feels real on the skin.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]Quit talking to yourself kid, no one likes a weirdo in their way. Now prepare to duel, or get out of the way.[/COLOR]

The guy talking was medium built with black hair and grey eyes. His image flickered around as if infected by a virus.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]No one calls me kid, or tells me what to do, so prepare your deck for the last duel you will ever see. I start us off by playing Baby Dragon in attack mode, and place one card face down. Your turn.[/COLOR]
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