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A blonde gash of luminosity resurrects the respite form
as the zephyr sends wisps of weighted filament into a chaotic jumble.

The saccharine drawing out of the initial bind.
The tremendous inflation of unwinding consequence.

An echoing cadence inside my head roots immediate and short-lived awareness.
Slumber nestles me back to the prior contented condition and it is simply sublime.[/color]

Feel free to review this.[/b][/size]
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This is interesting, did you write this yourself? Well anyway, I like the use of language that you used in this (Or who ever write it), It is rare that I am able to read like this, and barly understand it, although I do get what it's about.

The last line was the one that really got me 'simply sublime', it really tied of this story, a story of a person finding themsef, I really enjoyed reading this and it brought a fresh light into my lunchtime
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