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Aliens: The Two Colonies


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Many of you are probably familiar with the Alien series. If you've seen the sequel, Aliens, then you know that a colony of civilians was set up on LV-0121 to terraform the atmosphere. You also know that they came in contact with the mysterious ship contaning the aliens. However, they never told the whole story of how the colony was completely over-run. Here's what may have happened...

[COLOR=Navy]LV-0121 - Ship status

Destination reached...
Reversing stasis...

A groggy crew awakens through-out the ship, each coughing up the snaut-like fluid that had filled their lungs in stasis. Every man woman and child of the sixty families got into their clothes and prepared for a landing on LV-0121. The pilot sat down in the navigation seat as did the co-pilot and several other crew-members. Every computer screen was now alive and flashing, numbers and statis reports streaming across the black backgrounds.

The details of the landing are unimportant, and too complex to describe accurately. Now the first few colonials, all dressed in pressure suits, approached the rocky, red terrain. Over the next few months, they would build the terra-forming station. And meet their death at the hands of the xenomorphs.[/COLOR]
That's it for now. Hope someone's interested so I can continue it.
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Technically, it is explained pretty fully in Aliens, in the Extended Cut. [spoiler]Newt, her brother, Timmy, and her parents, Russ and Ann, find the alien ship on a survey mission, of sorts. Russ and Ann go into the ship to explore, and we are left in the survey vehicle with Newt and Timmy. A few moments pass, and Ann opens the door, grabs the walkietalkie. She's rather hysterical. Newt looks past her mother, down to her father, who has a facehugger attached to his head, its tail tightening around his neck.[/spoiler]

So, technically, we know exactly what happened, but I still would love to see what you've got here. You've got a nice start that more or less captures the feel of Aliens. Quick editing note, there was no red terrain in Alien or Aliens. It was all black crags.
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Heh heh... thanks... I think. I never saw the extended cut, so I wouldn't know... oh well. Just thought I'd go into some detail or something. As for the terrain, in the first one, all of LV-0121 was covered in red dust, like Mars. I know, I have a copy of it. At least, I'm pretty dang sure... lol

Thanks for the feedback (not to mention being interested at all) so here's a little bit more...

[COLOR=Navy]One year later...

The terraforming station is now complete, and the colonists go to work maintaining the machinery as it works automaticaly to make the air breathable. Recently, the colonists have taken an interest in the surrounding terrain, sending scout vessels to search the land-scape. One scout in particular stumbles upon something rather strange.

"[I]Home-base, we've got something big out here... real big.[/I]" A voice, clouded by static, travels to the station, sounding urgent. The armored-jeep like vehicle stopped several miles away from a huge ship of some kind... obviously alien.

Soon, another voice came back, "[I]We need details... what are you talking about?[/I]"

"[I]It's looks like some kind of... space craft... it's enourmous. It's more curved than ours... almost... alien.[/I]" the first voice responded.

A few moments passed, then, "[I]You have permission to investigate. Be careful.[/I]" The vehicle moved forward again, shaking over the rough land. About fifteen minutes later, the giant craft was not more than onehundred feet away. The vehicle stopped and a single man clad in a pressure suit stepped out. He glanced around, gawking at the alien craft.

Another followed him and they made their way towards the nearest part of the vessel. They entered through a hole in the side of the craft, and jumped down onto what seemed more bio-mechanicle than metalic. The two humans made their way through a surprisingly simple lay-out - one larg hallway traveling the length of the ship.

After a few minutes of walking, the passage splits off, dipping straight down through what looked like a gaping hole. "Should we check it out?" The first man said through the suit's radio.

"What else are we gonna do?" The second replied. They eased down cautuosly, nearly slipping with the combination of clunky gloves and slippery metal. It was a sighte to behold.

Row upon row of biological sacks covered in blue mist... what were they?[/COLOR]
OK... most of that off the top of my head... oh well.
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