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Did anyone see the episode of Made where this anime+ cow lover became a pageant girl? She turned out to be real, and I mean really pretty. Too bad the guy she liked played her, he was a dimbo.

If I was to be made into anything, I would be a basketball player(a good one).. not NBA style, but And 1. Only because I live in a pretty poor place and the best kind of respect you can get around here is the one where you're recognized as a good basketball, football player, capoeira, and breaker(any sport or similar that people play around here). I got most of my repect from my intelligence, but you know... its not enough. I would go for breakdancing and housing but, I'd rather keep that to myself(learn by myself). Thats the kind of stuff I would like to use to surprise everyone.

I'm learning to play basketball better as we speak... my jump improved about an inch, I can now keep trakc of the ball and not lose it as much, and I thinkI grew about 3/4 an inch since last year. Just give me a camera and I'll be on my own personal Made episode... so far 4 months have pasted I wonder how much tapes that would require.

If you could be made into anything, what would you be made into?
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Guest ScirosDarkblade
Batman's next apprentice. No doubt about it. It would be hell, but it would be sooo worth it. I'd have to fight against my fear of heights, though. That would be pretty darn tough. But really, I'd emerge sooo freakin badass. I'd stick around with Bats for about four years or so, then set off on my own to protect another city from crime. Also I'd borrow some $$ from Bruce Wayne so outfit myself with a cool high-tech arsenal. ...I'd either want to be that, or the next Green Lantern.

Wait you want realistic?
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