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Dark Kakashi

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[SIZE=2]OK i ave a question who is ur favourite Naruto character and why ???

Mine is Kakashi (u can probably tell from my name) because:
-he's so mysterious
-he's strong-
-he's SUPER cool
-he's sexy (well in my opinion anyway) :tasty:
-he's funny (especially with that "one thousend years of pain" thingy ) :laugh:

well i can probably could think of a million more reasons but it would take too long to write hehe :D[/SIZE]

[FONT=Century Gothic]Dark Kakashi Out[/FONT]
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Guest Momiji Sohma
Well, my favorite character in Naruto would have to be Hyuuga Neji.
1.He is hot
2.Neji is super strong( I think he would be strong even without his advanced blood haha.
3.He is super intellegent and if I remember correctly, he was the top Ninja in his school?!
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Guest gendou ikari
Uzamaki Naruto,is my favorite Naruto character,because of his strong will,and clumsy nature.I can relate to him in many ways,primarily because of his path to becoming the honored hokage (top ninja,shinobi) How can one relate to something like this you ask?I can relate to this because I am undergoing the same thing, extreme training in order to become a martial arts expert I;however am taking the path of kung fu,through the teaching of my sefu,my goal is to become a black sash,which is a long way to go for me since I am only at my fourth level of Kung Fu(gold sash).Because I can relate to Uzimaki Naruto, this makes him my favorite Naruto character, (slightly above Rock Lee, Zabuza and Haku).Oh yeah and that thousand years of death was funny, I laughed my eyes out. :laugh: :eek:
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hmm, I would aslo have to sya Kakashi. I haven't reads too many of the Manga's but I'm hooked.
1)He's versitle and can continue fighting where othe men and women would fail
2)The Sharingan(Mirror-wheel eye) is jsut plain COOL, and hes mastered it.:worried:
3) He stays calm in the face of Fire :flaming:
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Welcome to OtakuBoards, Dark Kakashi. With that having been said, there are a few things I'd like you to keep in mind...

1. Favorites topics are rarely--if ever--permitted. They tend to attract more spam than actual discussion, as is evidenced by this thread's general lack of quality. Only when the creator's original post shows an incredible amount of thought, effort and intelligence do we allow these types of threads to remain open.

2. OB places a strong emphasis on correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. Your last reply, for example, is simultaneously too short, off-topic and virtually unreadable. Using proper English will make people pay much closer attention to your opinions and beliefs.

3. We already have a rather lengthy Naruto topic, which is listed in the "Official Threads Directory" sticky. Please check there whenever you feel like creating a new series thread, since our policy is to maintain exactly one topic for each individual anime.

I'd also appreciate it if all of you (other than AzureWolf) strove to improve your post quality. Had the replies in this thread been interesting and well-written, I would simply have merged it with our official Naruto topic.

Please PM me or one of the other moderators with any questions, comments or concerns. Thanks! ^_^

Thread closed.

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