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RPG Devil's Sympathy [PG-13]


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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]*Note: This RPG is rated PG 13 for gore, vilence, mild or low swearing, religious factors, etc. Somethings may not be found suitible for those under the age of 13.

[i]The white snow fell slowly from the dim gray sky. Through all the eyes, this world was covered in gray the only thing to care about was one's own well being. Cars rushed by trying to save time during this holiday season. Some to get home, some simply to beat the traffic. Others rushing through the slush on the street and it's curves to get the early Christmas shopping done and finish all other task that need concern them-selves and only them selves....Passing those who had simply nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing to live for, those who were there because society had turn it's back on them.

The birds began shreiking, their shirl insesent voices and the beat of black wings. He stopped in front of the door and as he reached for the handle...The crows began one by one to fly down. Two landing upon each one of his sholders, the rest all behind him standing as if like an arm. Other flooded inside from above, black feathers began to fall he swipped them out of his dark brown hair and off his shoulders while smack the birds away. Once the birds had clamed again, he began to break way he chains letting them hit the ground. Taking off his black gloves, he threw them to the ground hitting the snow, steam rose. Pushing the doors open, he saw crows purched once more upon the rotting bench seats. Looking around a frown came over his face, within the front row there sat three people. They stood, all three of them dressed in total black, each wearing over coats with a cross over each arm. The man scolded as he threw he hand forwards, the crows lunghed attack the three.

The doors closed, silently there was no longer anything left except the black feathers that covered the ground out side. One of the three, a female, ran with a feelt of crows fallowing behind her. There blood red eyes foucsed soully on her to carry out her task. She began to run faster then she ever knew she could, blood dripping fom her forehead, arms, and legs stained the snow. Within those two hours of running she made it across the city to the oppiste side. The new crich within sight, she slide through the doors holding them closed the best she could. It began booming and pushing her a few inchs back....It stopped, dust began floating it, it smelled like ashs. Turning, she ran and hid between one of the middle rows of bench seats. Crouching into a fatel position, she looked up. Father was standing over her.

"Where's the others?" he asked.

"They-they're dead, he killed them."

Father didn't reply he just stared with a solem look in his face.

"H-He had said, that this world would become his own...That he's granting his sympthy upon us and learn what it means to fear." The girl began to cry.[/i]


Zoma walked briskly, staring at the ground. It was dirty and covered with slush. She stopped walking and kicked a bit of it up out of her way. Looking up to the sky; black and blue crows were in flight. They were flying across the sky in rapid motion as if they had an appointment for something. The smell of smoke came altering her senses. Subconsciously she began walking, quickly, then went into a faint run towards where the smell had a risen from. Zoma could not tell where it's pin point location was but she did know the smell, it was sensed with the ashes of hell.

He's here... :she thought with great content, happily she begun to smile. Fallowing the crows she stayed forwards no longer paying mind to if she knew where they were going. Nor their proper direction, she fallowed their shadow when they were out of sight she'd think of where they may appear. Turning as he ran Zoma disappeared behind an alley. She looked to the top of the brick building, it wound high and it's top edge too high for her to try to jump upon but there were a few garbage cans off to the side. Heading back she took off her jacket and rapped it around her waste beneath her wings. Running she jumped up from the trash cans and leaping high within the air. Spreading her arm and wings out she glided up till she could reach the railing of the edge with one of her hands. Hoisting her self up, she turned to her side kicking one leg up. She began to fell and beating the other wing frantically, like an idiot, against the brick eventually getting her self up. "Well, that was stupid." she said to her self.

Shadows of birds flew over her, then one large shadow. Glancing up a daemon in her view, it's wings were strange though; two that looked like bird wings the two other were shimmering different colors with a dark aura around them. It had two large claws, each having two talons, they had feet of that like a mortal, and long black hair. Other then that she could see nothing else, they had flown away with the crows too fast. She got up from squatting and ran to the other edge, jumping off she flew after them. From high above Zoma could see smoke trails in the air, the devil was on the move. She disbanded off from fallowing the birds and the other daemon heading to another trail of smoke. (A more newly arisen one.) From what she come see, it was coming from a busy street with people all walking back and forth. Zoma landed in a tree near by with other crows in a park near by, rapping her arms around her she watched the people. They were all fascinating to her, especially to play some games with.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Orange]Devi shivered. It wasn't exactly cold, persay, but she felt like something wasn't right. She smiled at a little girl with her mother, also smiling at the mother, who returned the smile. Devi was wearing faded denim flare leg jeans with white cat whiskers, which were also hip-huggers. She wore a white tank with gold glitter wings on the front, on eather side of the word Angel, in cursive. On over it Devi was wearing a white denim jacket, with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. She had black leather boots on, with next to no heels.

Devi brushed her hair over her shoulder. The mother pointed to her, leaning over to speak to her daughter. "Hunny, maybe you'll grow big and beautiful like her." The little girls hazel eyes widened, and she said, "Really? Wow! Maybe I can be an angel, like her!" Devi blushed, and laughed. "I'm not an angel, love." The mother smiled at her, and Devi walked off.

A cold feeling, like a ball of ice, was sitting solidly in the bottom of Devi's stomach. She didn't know why, but she knew, just knew, that something was wrong. The solid form of her .22 against her side comferted her somewhat.

She looked at the ground, watching the slush around her feet. The girl crushed a clump of ice under her boot, and she sighed, looking up at the sky. It was clear blue, yet cold, and seeming to laugh at all the humans that scurried across the street. A couple crows danced in the chilly wind, and a large shadow passed over her. She looked up, but saw nothing.

The sun was bright, and cold, mean. A smell of smoke touched Devi's nose for abut a second, then disappeared. She shuddered. [i]It was nothing, Jiae, nothing.[/i]

She stood next to a cluster of people, hugging herself, her breath steamy in the cold air. They were all waiting for the cars to stop, so they could cross the street. The light turned red, and the cars slowed. A couple people glanced at the light above their heads, and it turned to 'Walk'.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[I]Heaven...is fading. Faith is dying, and prayer falls on deaf ears[/I]. She opened her eyes, dark lashes gently brushing her smooth cheek. [I]I must... I must resurrect the faith of the old. Heaven itself has fallen to the gathering dark. I...cannot let it fall. I will not let it fall. I will not let mankind face this darkness alone. And if God will not help them...then I will.[/I]

"Sariyel, we are assembled." The angel was bowed, fair hair covering his face.

Sariyel stood, her long robes pooling around her like gathering light. The silver jewel on her brow seemed to glimmer with light, shadowing her with its silver tones. Dark hair cascaded richly down her back, and it gave off the light scent of spikenard. Her voice was quiet, inflected perfectly as sound reached her lips. "Karliel."

He rose, golden locks following his movement. "Yes, Sariyel?"

She looked at him for a moment. [I]He is one that has never seen battle... He has never before been troubled with the faithless and the doubtful... And he has never seen a demon of hell. How will he fare in this?[/I] Karliel was solemn under Sariyel's constant gaze. He met her eyes - something she had admired. But now...she regretted. [I]How long will he last? Can he survive in this holy war?[/I] She closed her eyes in quick pain, sorrow closing her heart. And with her lasted the soft guilt, the gentle apology to all that had followed her into exile. They had followed her...and now she led them into battle, war, revolution. For their faith and loyalty, she gave them wounds, blood, condemnation. [I]Let the light of the faithful be with them in this...[/I]

"Lady Sariyel?" Karliel's voice interrupted, a gentle nudge to remind her of the present at hand.

She opened her eyes once more, taking in his form as he stood before her. The others were waiting as well, and she knew that she would lead them. "Karliel...dost thou fear?" She walked to him, and touched his cheek, the slightest caress.

He closed his eyes; he looked so young. And then he took her hand, alighting a soft kiss upon it as he knelt again. "Lady Sariyel, fear has no place in this heart of faith. Faith leads you as well - and we follow your light. Please...lead us." He looked up into her eyes, and the others joined them, circling around.

Their presence, their sweet light, all radiating with hers. Sariyel drew herself up, the jewel brightening and glowing, a holy warmth that left no fear or doubt. She looked around, their eyes all meeting hers squarely. "...then come. We depart - and let nothing stand in your paths. We fight...in the place of Heaven. Let faith guide you." And with that, she swept her hand over her face, and closed her eyes. A dark cloak formed, swathing her in its black depths, and the others followed suit. Night could not have been darker - light seemingly absorbed into the wraiths of shadow.

And they fell. As one, they hurdled, their cloaks hiding them from mortal sight, as they dived down to the earth. To the mortal realm. And to the city that demons had already descended upon.

The clear, crisp air flowed over her smooth cheek as they dropped through the clouds. She could see green, and she could smell...the faint, lingering scent of sulfur. [I]Demons... Fear me, spawn of Hell, for I will banish you to the Lake of Fire. I, Sariyel, will not let you overtake these mortal souls. I will not leave them to fight alone. For I have heard their prayers, and their faith is not in vain...[/I] And they continued to hurdle, united as one, towards the city...
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]Xairiel stood atop the crucifix on a church, gazing out at the people milling through the snow-covered streets. Most would mistake him for a statue, too busy wondering about their jobs, families, or the weather, which had turned quite odd.

His red coat flapped around him, the chains rattling. His wings, silver tipped with black, were stretched wide. His cold blue eyes glimmered in the cold sun.

He had been here. He had killed them. Well, commanded the crows to kill them.
Xairiel looked at the crows. They still sat here, some of them still dripping from the beak.

Xairiel scowled at the sheer stupidity required to leave such evidence. Soon, the humans would send their police, find the blood or clothes or what have you, and an investigation would begin.

Not that it would matter. They'd all still die. They couldn't fight him, or the others. The humans who faught would all die.

He might even have to kill a few.

Besides, what had they done for him? Nothing. They lived their meaningless lives, milling about, not doing much beyond living.

At least Xairiel had done something. He had done great things for God. He had been a powerful warrior, struck down fallen angels in Lucifers coup. But what had it gotten him? It had gotten him cast out.

Well, not directly.

But this battle, this fight had shown him the thrill of nearly dying. He wanted to live more, live more life. So he followed the humans ways of decadence. And thus, he was cast out.

Aeons of good service meant nothing to the Lord. But one moment of lust for these human machinations, one simple human measure of time, and hour, a day, a week, a month. What did it matter? That short, meaningless expanse of time, speant doing things angels weren't allowed to do.

And then he was cast down. Down to live with the decadent, worthless humans. All for one drink, one smoke, a one night stand or two.

Xairiel spat onto the church top. He had no more love for God. God had done him no service. God had cast him out with the first excuse. God had scorned him where he let the humans live for ages without punishment. His love for them, those free-willed, disbelieving, unworthy bags of flesh, was greater than that for his greatest, most loyal and loving servants.

Xairiel felt such spite, such hate, such bitter resentment, that it had turned the color of his wings. Blackened the tips, as it had blackened his soul.

But now, maybe, he could win back God's graces. Stop the man, save the pitiful humans. And then, when God said, "return to Me My child," he would say no, and scorn the Lord as he had been scorned.

True, he would be damned to Hell. But at least then he would know the true reason, and have a good reason, for his pain and torment. Then the pain would be pure, the hatred reduced to simple agony.

The battle would end, Xairiel would leave this Earth, and all would be good.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]A young woman named Sarea stood in the center of the city's park, watching the snow fall and rejoicing in the cool purity of the afternoon light. "There is something about the scent of a snowy day that always makes me smile." She walked through the untouched white, listening with satisfaction to the [I]crunch-crunch[/I] as her high black boots moved in a pleasing rhythm. "Someday I'll have to ask Gabriel to come with me, so we can have a nice walk in the snow. She needs all the fun she can get."

An odd, chilling sense of something awry made Sarea look up at the sky, shading her eyes with one delicate-looking hand. A gathering of crows flew overhead, their raucous cries floating through the rapidly-fading afternoon. She watched as they steeled at the base of a tree, pecking at the snow as if for food. "I don't like this..."

Sarea tugged her black jacket a bit more closely about her body and shivered a bit, picking up her pace as she ostensibly headed for home. She began to sing softly, a song from a composer she particularly admired.

"I'm the feeling you feel,
A small voice or a chill
I am here and I am there...."[/FONT]
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[I]Something is coming... I don't know why, but I can feel it...[/I]

Lena drew her leather coat tightly around her, shivering from the icy air. She sat against the door of her modest home, blue-green eyes scanning the snow-blurred street in front of her. A bitter wind blowed continuously through her scarlet-streaked blonde hair, taunting her to go back inside.

[I]What am I waiting for? Something is calling me... I must know what it is...[/I]

Her frozen body protested the harsh winter air, but she compromised by her decision to take a walk, hoping it might at least get her blood flowing. Besides, no one would care if she left. No one was there to watch her through the window.

Lena's feet led her through town, her mind wandering to other places. She found herself standing before a church, the same place where she had seen...him.

[I]Why do I keep returning to this place?[/I]

She stared at the church, wondering if she should go in.

[I]Has fate led me here?[/I]

Something told her to go in, yet something else pulled her violently back. She could see right inside the empty sanctuary, its haunting melodies echoing somewhere in her mind. She saw illusions, almost [I]felt[/I] them. For a moment it seemed like any normal Sunday, with happy Christians filing into the pews, ready for the morning's sermon. It all vanished within an instant, returning to its normal, desolate state. Lena rubbed her eyes, assuming she was just tired.

She heard the fluttering of wings, and looked up to see numerous crows. Darker than night, black with hunger and resentment...
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Guest Midnight Rush

"It is time for me to cast away this form... I no longer have a reason to keep it." Viridans Oculus said quietly. Long ago he had taken his human form to be with his human lover, but she had died; he no longer had a reason to stay human formed.

"I can smell you Lucifer... the stench of Hell perverting your former glory. Why have you chosen this path? Why have I...? It doesn't matter why... I have and that is the end of it. It is time." With those words he tensed himself. He prepared for the tension, the exertiuon that was to follow...:

"GLORIA PRO DOMINUS DEUS SABAOTH!!!" He roared, light exploding from his body. The entire area around his was saturated in the grey white light, and an enormous power emanated from it. It was the power of God [b]Him[/b]self changing Viridans Oculus back into a fully formed angel.

Then the light faded and he was back: Standing a full 20' tall, the fire in his eyes was so intense that it escaped his retinas, burning freely in the wind. His gargantuan (that word's for your California Mountain Snake ^_~ ) wings stretched for 70'. They were covered in feathers of the purest white gossamer, gleaming in the light of the moon.

His power was still limited, but his physical (or spiritual) form was in its former glory. "I know you can feel me Lucifer.... wait for me.. I am coming."


Meanwhile, both Xairiel and Sariyel, in their seperate locations, felt the awakening of a major power:

"Another Archangel? Here? The is bigger than I thought..." Xairiel said to himself.

"Hmm.... I was wondering when he would show up.. This is turning into a war not just a battle." Sariyel whispered.

"Did you say something, my lady?" Karliel said.

"The Green Eyes is here... don't worry about it."

"Yes'm" The rookie said.


Back with Melancus:

Viridans Oculus suddenly felt the presence of a Principality (Sort of like a governor among Demons). "Ah... Michael spoke much of his battle with you. Why have you left your Babylonian palace and came here?"

"I could ask you the same question, Archangel." The demon spoke.

Green Eyes drew the Ferus Ventus and turned to see his foe. "You felt my awakening? Is that why you have disturbed me?"

"Partly... I thought my Master had killed you."

"He did. Melancus is dead. Now I am nothing but a grey fury."

"I nearly killed Michael you know... and he was a far better fighter than you."

"Well Baphomet..... Melancus was pitiful with the blade compared to me..."

The Demon Lord stepped out of the shadows. He was tall, maybe 17', with monstous black wings, leather like a dragons, stretching for 50'. Baphomet's face was pale, red eyes glowing above a thin nose and even thinner lips.

"Now I realize why you were called the Nelo Angelo..." Viridans Oculus whispered.

"Ironic... I never was an Angel. Killed many.. but I am pure demon not Fallen Angel. Aren't you a Fallen Angel?"

"Of sorts... Now leave or ready your blade!" [/I]
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[size=1]Kroenen quickly jolted his head to another crow in the sky. He had been watching them in the large flocks in a humen ally. He sat there with his legs out, leaning againist a wall. Weeze-like sounds came from him, as he looked at the small flakes of snow falling from the sky. It had been a while since he saw snow, but that was not the reason he was on the surface of Earth. He was here because he was drawn to it.

A trash can fell over with a loud crash and Kroenen shot a glance to it. He saw in the garbage that it holded an old kitten. It was black, and had short hair. It came to him, and rub his hand, purring as it did. His hand jolted back, and the cat rub againist his boot. He reached out his hand, knowing the animal wasn't harmful now, and the kitten walked towards it and started to rub againist it. He petted the animal just to waste time. Then, another trash can fell over, and the kitten ran and Kroenen stood up quickly and drew his swords.

Anything that came in his path must die. He waited to the figure to reveal itself, but nothing came out of the shadows of the ally way. Kroenen knew now something was no right, and he put down his guard, but leaned againist the brick wall. He waited for what would happen this night once again.[/size]
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"Where did all these crows come from?" Lena wondered to herself.

A tiny black feather landed on her outstretched hand, blowing away in the bitter wind within a mere second. Countless flakes of white were still falling around her, only to vanish at the touch of her skin. She was beginning to feel used to the cold, having spent most of her time outside.

[I]I wish I could just know the reason for everything... I'm so lost, I don't know if I'll ever find myself...[/I]

Her eyes wandered again to the abandoned sanctuary, its slowly dying candles casting a faint light that seemed to draw her in. Her blue-green orbs were focused so intently that they seemed engulfed in the flame. Lena's feet began leading her inside, her mind entranced. Faster and faster she walked, until she found herself standing before the priest's wooden podium. She shook her head, trying to clear her mind of delusion.

She was about to turn around, when the doors of the church closed themselves with an ominous slam. Lena ran back to them, only to realize they were locked.

"Help! Someone get me out of here!" She pleaded, pounding her fists into the hard wood. Obviously her attempts were futile, and Lena gave up. "Great... Now what am I supposed to do?"

Her body was growing tired, and Lena decided she might as well rest on one of the benches, as uncomfortable as they may be.
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Guest Midnight Rush

Baphomet and the Green Eyes were tensing to fight. Their mighty powert's crackled and the space/time continuem began to tear. Baphomet rushed forth and the locked blades, going back and forth for what seemed like days, neither gaining advantage.

Sometime into the stalemate, a powerful light, the light of Heaven itself began descending from the sky. It was Gabriel, the Messanger of God.

"Estranged Brother! Foul Demon! Listen well! The Son of Man, the Lord of Heaven Above, Earth, and Hell below, sends word! Viridans Oculus, listen well, you know what these words will mean, and Demon! Take this message to your master. The Almighty Lamb says: These events are brought forth and in swing for my Glory and Purpose. In the end, I AM THAT IS's plan will be fulfilled! Melancus, your struggle is not in vain, and you have not lost my Favor. Lucifer, know that your most powerful state is nothing against even the breath of My mouth!!" [b]He[/b] said.

A mighty thunder shock the area, forcing the combatants away from one another. Baphomet was terrified as a deep and tempestral voice rained from the sky, saying "The Son of Man has spoken! Deliver my message demon!"

Baphomet practically scurried off in haste to do the bidding of his enemy, leaving Gabriel and the former Melancus.

"Gabriel, my brother... It has been so long."

"Yes it has Green Eyes."

"After this is over.. I know my fate, but realize that fallen or not I will support the cause of the Lord."

"You never fell, your was merely a unique path."

"I married a human woman! That crosses the forbidden line.. I have sinned and there can be no repentence for angels, we both know this."

"The forbidden line has exceptions... Yours was one. You never gained pride or sought rebellion against the Lord, our master. You remained puire although you didn't remain in Heaven with the rest of us."

"Obviously all things are the Lamb's plan... this is just so unusual" Green Eyes said, without questioning God, merely musing.

"Your temporary exile from Heaven will soon be over.. You have one last task on earth before you are officially recognized back into the Fold: You must end the demonic presence in this city. Lucifer himself is here, with his 6 highest servants: Baphomet, Glaurung, Mephistopheles, Baal, Ashteroth, and Joelle. Legions of demons and minor powers, as well as fallen angels have came here, for there are over five million human souls undecided here. The seat of the major human government lies here as well, so if the demons take this city, the human world will be in shatters. You will have allies, but they are few. You must drive Lucifer away and kill his six servants to save the city"

"Hearing these worlds and knowing the truth of them have lifted a great burden off of my heart."

"One last thing, the boundaries of your might will be lifted at the right time. At that time, you will be Melancus, Archangel once again. May the Lord be with you! With us all!" With those words, Gabriel re-ascended. [/I]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray]Coming near the broken cathedral, there were other shadows then just the crows. There was another high up in the tree but, seemingly, they had not noticed Zoma. She stared forwards solely on the broken place, this intrigued Zoma. Maybe it was someone of which to confuse; this always delighted Zoma's curiosity and thoughts.

The crows swayed their heads when they noticed her, and she quickly flew over the girl and perched on the roof. She covered her head and body with her wings, so that the girl whoever she might be, may only see a shadowy figure...Zoma wanted to see what the girl did. However the look she saw upon the girls face was uncertainness, between entering or leaving and this bore Zoma. She moved and flapped one of her wings as she another figure caught her eye. A shadow moving from place to place disappearing behind trees and street corners, after a few seconds though it stopped. She could no longer find it...And she knew, it'd be a waste of time to try. Her mind was still fixed, a shadow with no caster?

Taking a deep gasp, she let out an echoing "caw!" The other crows dark as night began to shriek again, more feathers fell as the beat their wings. During this point; Zoma swiftly walked past the large gap in the rook to the back end of the cathedral and jumped down.

"Why isn't there any fun around here?" Zoma whispered to her self.

Removing the jacket from around her waist she slipped one hand through then the over. She began to walk back to the entrance but stopped at the corner. The shadow was there again, and the girl still stood fixed on the two red doors and the crows. Zoma was more interested in the shadow, she began to hear singing echoing from afar. It was much too heavenly for her taste, she ran out from the corner and began a chance after the shadow.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Closing her eyes, Sarea released the earthly particles that made up her body and began her re-ascent to Heaven. She really didn't want to return, but there were rules for angels of her stature. The dove-gray robes, tarnished halo, and indigo wings marked her as an angel of sorrow.

"Welcome back, sister." Raphael greeted her with a small smile, noting the light flush on her cheeks. "Been outside, have you?"
"You should come with me sometime, Raphael."
"Appearing to humans to spread the Word of the Lamb is about as far as I go."
Sarea looked around the area, searching for someone who was a fixture. When she didn't see him, she turned to Raphael again. "Where's Gabriel?" A slight pause, then Raphael replied, "He... was on business. He'll return soon."
"I... see." Sarea left to return to her station in the Choir of the Seraphim, awaiting news from below.[/FONT]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]Xairiel had departed from his perch, and now walked the snowy ground. Proving his angelic heritage, his feet did not sink in the snow. He left no tracks, no trace of his existence. There would never be a trace of his existence.

That was how he wanted it.

He wanted to leave this world bare, blank of his prescence. No sign of him, no lives touched, no memories of his face, voice, being. He made it is job to not exist, to be a nothing, a nobody, an invisible man.

His coat flapped around him, billowing in the bitter winter wind. The cold would've cut through a human, chilling them to the bone, but not Xairiel. As an angel, heat and cold didn't bother him...unless they were preternatural in basis.

It was a normal night for Xairiel the fallen angel...until the calling.

The skies parted, and a brilliant light shot down around Xairiel. It blocked him from sight, made him disappear to normal beings.

Gabriel had arrived.

"Xairiel, warrior of Our Lord Allmighty, God. You have been called upon by Him to serve Him once more. Should you agree to serve in His army, you shall be rewarded, and return to His kingdom and His side. Should you refuse, and you shall remain on Earth, devoid of His divine love," Gabriel stated, channeling the word of God.

"Why should I serve Him?" asked Xairiel. "What has he done for me in the past 2000 years?"

"He has allowed you to stay upon His Earth amongst His people. He has allowed you freedom from the pain of Hell. He has allowed you life."

"He can keep it," spat Xairiel.

Gabriel paused for a moment, then spoke. "In His divine wisdom, Our Lord understands your plight, your anger, and He gives you his mercy. He knows of your plan to scorn Him, to have yourself turned to Hell to serve amongst the damned. And he denies you that right."

"He cannot!" barked Xairiel. "I defy Him and His 'compassion', His 'love!' I defy Him and His 'mercy!' I defy Him! I wish to be cast to Hell for my own reasons, not condemned to this minor Hell for unjust reasons!"

"None of Our Lord's reasons are unjust, for He is infallible in His divine wisdom."

"I disagree!"

"You do not, in your heart. You know the truth, but your anger does not let you see it. Your anger blinds you, your hate blocks your love. Perhaps, when the battle is over, you shall be able to see things as they are. Perhaps you shall accept His love."


"It is your decision, not His, as you are no longer his divine servent. You have become mortal, and are tainted by humanity. He can no longer command you entirely, as He commands me, for you have disowned Him as the Father. Until you reawaken as one of the angels once more, you shall remain lost and in pain."

"So suffer or accept that which I hate? I pick suffer."

"You choose to suffer now. Think, wait, and then we shall see."

"We shall."


And with that last word, Gabriel ascended, and the light faded. Xairiel stood, glaring at the sky, breathing heavily in his rage.

He could no longer command the fallen angel. They were beyond His control.

This was bad.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=orange][size=2][font=arial]Devi walked around the city aimlessly for a couple minutes. She smiled at passerby, and they smiled back. The teen watched the slush crunch under her boot, turned brown by the dirt on it.

WHen she finally looked up, Devi found she had come to the church. She looked up, having to shade her eyes from the sun to see the bell tower. [i]Wow...[/i] She though. "So beautiful." Devi stood transfixed for a moment, then looked at the doors. Something made them seem evil - terribly wrong. She shuddered.

Devi turned, and walked away, slowly. Something in the back of her mind daunted her. It told her she was a coward. [i]A coward When have I been a coward? And what did I do to become one?[/i]

She brushed her hair over her shoulder, and sighed. She checked her pockets. [i]Ten bucks. Eh, that should buy some hot food.[/i] She looked around, and saw a couple street vendors, selling things like smoked sauseges, hot pastries, coffee. Devi skipped over(well, walked) and got a plateful of the sauseges, a Boston Creme donut, and a cup of cappechino. SHe sat down on one of the steps to the cathedral to eat, watching the sky.[/font][/size][/color]
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Guest Midnight Rush

The Green Eyes stood still for many minutes, pondering what had just been said. He saw lucidly what he must do, battle the six Prime Evils and the Demon Lord Lucifer, chasing them out of the city. He knew that even the illustrious Michael himself couldn't handle more than one or two Prime Evils at a time, so he wondered how he was supposed to kill all six of them!

"I can't do this alone.... I must seek allies." He spoke softly to himself, knowing the full truth of his words. He concentrated hard, noting each presence of spiritual power, he read each one then moved on. He was looking for one angel in particular... when he had first transformed, the Green Eyes had felt her presence.. but couldn't place a name. "Ah ha! Here you are... With a multitude of others... near the desecrated cathedral..."

His huge wings began to beat, and within seconds he was airborne, bearing down on the cathedral with the speed of a jet aircraft. Viridans Oculus saw the cathedral and he was immediately on guard, he sensed demons.... many of them very close.
Then he saw the light... it was cloaked, but his superior eyes saw it nonetheless.

He flew down to were he had sensed the angel's presence, and found that it was also the source of the cloaked light.

A female voice rang cold and clear through the darkness, "Viridans Oculus... What brings you here?"

"You must be Sariyel."

"Our reputations precede us."

"Don't they?"

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Sariyel watched through her dark eyes as Viridans Oculus, once known as Melancus, descended from the sky, landing without a sound on the snow some distance away. [I]Melancus...has not been seen for some time...[/I] Her soul felt sad - he, too, had lost his entrance to Heaven. [I]Melancus...is his name no longer... He has lost that being. But...looking at his eyes, his new name suits him.[/I] She spoke softly, but all heard her in the silence, "So...what brings such a one as you into our midst? And...perhaps you can also speak of what brings [I]Gabriel[/I] down to the mortal realm twice in one day."

He stayed still for a moment, watching her cloaked spirit, and then slowly started to walk towards them. All of the other figures watched, silent and still, staring at his nearing form. One of the other angels started to move, but Sariyel gently held out a hand, and the golden-haired youth bowed and departed, along with the others watching. They moved off, drawing their blades in the process...and the scent of demons seemed to grow nearer.

"What news does one such as you bring to the likes of us, outcasts and rebels of Heaven?" Her voice was somber, tainted with a sliver of regret, bitterness, and sorrow. Still, none of these could hide the musical tones of angelic voices in her words. A mere human, upon hearing her voice alone, would feel an uplifting spirit, and joy for the rest of his days on Earth.

"I speak not of news, but of an alliance."

She looked at him for a moment, her dark eyes betraying nothing, but then she turned away, and started to walk. "Come... What of this alliance?"
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Guest Midnight Rush

"Lucifer is here, with his six Prime Evils... Do you know of the beings I speak of?" He asked her, his voice as cold as a Siberian wind, although not unkind.

"I know Lucifer... we all do. But the Prime Evils... I thought they were nought but legend." Sariyel replied.

"You are yet young... perhaps you do not fully remember the war so long ago. Either way, allow me to refresh your knowledge of these creatures of darkness. Baphomet is the Demon Knight, a master of swordsmanship and an extremely crafty general. I fought him just this morning. Joelle is a vampiryss, lithe and spiderlike. I've never seen her, but she is known as a devious and deadly foe, emplying many poisons and sorceries to achieve her goals. Ashteroth leads an army of goat men, he is terribly evil, exuding a subversive aura around him. A truly terrible foe to behold, let alone wound. Glaurung is some sort of beast, we never could ID him. Huge snakelike being with massive leathery wings, beathes the fires of hell even in speaking. He is extremely well armored and has the strength of ten thousand demons. Mephistopheles is perhaps the mightiest of the Prime Evils, he appears to be nothing more than a wizened old human, but he is the greatest sorceror of all time. Baal is a nasty mound of pulsating flesh, he cannot move on his own, but has legions of servants he controls with his black powers. These are the Prime Evils."

"Formidible creatures indeed.... But how does this fit into a possible alliance, Green Eyes?" She asked, a sort of mirror quality haunting her angelic voice.

"It is my task to kill these Prime Evils... and Heaven has provided me with no immediate help. I can go against one or two at the most at one time... Without help the cause of good... of the humans is lost. I know you and I hold very different goals and ways of achieving them... But what we do have in common is a compassion for the humans. For their sake I ask you to aide me in killing these beings of terrible darkness."

She smiled, a smile filled with both feminine beauty and hints of poison, and said, "An archangel is asking me for help... Heaven calls me once again... You are the Champion of Heaven? Why not call your precious Michael? He surely could annihilate all of Hell if it was purposed."

"Years ago... I crossed the Forbidden Line... but my heart was not full of pride, nor did I purpose against the Lord... I must defeat the Prime Evils.. Michael cannot aide me here."

"How the mighty have fallen... The Archangel of Sadness... quite a fitting title for such a tragic person. To bad I don't like tragedy."

"Personal preference aside... you surely do not believe you can unseat Lucifer alone? The Morning Star alone is capable of defeating you... and he has all of his generals with him. I am offering this alliance not because I support you.. but for the sake of humanity, which we share a love for."

"How can the Champion of Heaven call on the aide of a third party?" She said, her voice both ageless and ancient at once.

"I am not concerned with your fate. That is between you and God. I am concerned with detroying the Prime Evils, and revenging the death of my beloved...." He said, a cold rage building inside of him at the thought of her lifeless body, hanging limply on the Gates of Hell.

"Revenge is not a straight path.... It is a forest, and you will become lost in it.... a very wise human told me that long ago. However that is your business... I will accpet a temporary alliance... but temporary is the critical word."

"Quite. Any preference as to our first target? It is only polite to allow that Lady to choose."

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[size=1]Kroenen slowly looked around the ally. He knew nothing of Earth, and the only living thing that had come close to him was that cat. His puppet master would like to know why he keeped it alive. Kroenen was a strange puppet, sometimes thinking while not thinking at all. That was both a flaw and strength.

A ladder stood next to Kroenen as he laied on the brick wall. He wanted to see what the top of the city looked like, so he slowly walked up the ladder, and lefted himself up on the building when it came to a end. When he got up, he stood awe. He was only in the smaller part of this city, and at infornt of him stood towering buildings with lights in every window. He had never seen anything like this before, only the firey pits of Hell and he had long forgotten his last life.

He sat on the top of the building, and looked at the sky. He never wanted to go back to Hell now, but that was not his choice. His body and soul belonged to Satan. The silence was broken by a strange voice.

"You are wondering off your task. It well happen soon Kroenen, the war between Heaven and Hell, and in the middle of it Earth" and with that, the shadows around him took human form, but with pitch black skin dark as the darkess night, and round, white, mask that covered their faces. Kroenen weezed loudly, and looked at the city above him. He wanted to know when this war would begin. As if they read his mind, all as a group answered, "Soon."[/size]
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[I]Come, child... Do not be afraid...[/I]

The voice was sickly sweet, like poisoned honey. It beckoned her, ominous in the darkness. She could not stop herself from being pulled toward it.

Lena knew she was dreaming. This cold emptiness couldn't be real... Yet it seemed like so much more than an illusion. She could almost feel something liquid under her feet, almost [I]taste[/I] the metallic scent of blood. She felt blind, as there was no source of light whatsoever. All she knew was that something, someone was calling her, and that it was getting closer.

[I]Come, Lena...[/I]

She opened her mouth to ask "Who are you?", and nothing came out.

[I]Trust me, love...[/I]

There was something sinister about that voice that sent shivers down her spine. She longed to open her eyes, though it was such an impossible task.

Without warning, Lena started descending through the floor. The cold, sickening feel of blood over her skin made her realize her absence of clothing. She could almost see now, faint patches of crimson swimming before her eyes.

[I]You must understand... how much you are needed, Lena. You are very important to us...[/I]

By now the voice sounded purely loathsome, and Lena wanted to scream.

[I]You will make an excellent sacrifice... Cooperate and you may recieve a quick death.[/I]


Her eyes shot open to reveal the dusty rafters of the ceiling, her breath ragged with shock.

"...That was freaky."
OOC: Whoa... That was the weirdest dream sequence I've ever had... o_O I have a lot of those... They usually involve very similar things. ^^;;
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A slight, barely visible smile touched Sariyel's expression. "...First target?" It was only then that Green Eyes noticed that they had joined the other group of shrouded angels, and he turned to see Sariyel's shadowy cloak shimmer as she drew her weapon. The clear, crystal blade of [I]Dykei[/I] emerged in her delicate hands, and it radiated a gentle light. She touched the clear jewel on the hommel, before she turned around, her dark eyes as clear as a cold desert night. The rest of the angels also drew forth their weapons, different shades of light adorning each, but still invisible to the mortal eye behind the mysticism of the cloaks.

Her voice rang, "Champion of Heaven, I believe that our first adversary has come." She stood with her back towards him, and slowly, gracefully, challenged with the crystal blade, holding it out in a straight line in front of her. No shadow fell from her, and her footsteps did not mar the undisturbed snow. But the light darkened, and the flock of birds that had stayed in their midst slowly fluttered down to the ground, feathers falling away. The black feathers littered the ground as they fell faster, and soon all that could be heard was the cacophany of hissing from the demons that slipped around the tree. The great oak tree seemed to gray, and she could see the life flow away in small tendrils, absorbed by the inky darkness of the demons that slid around it.

Their bodies were small, impish, their forearms longer and tapering into slender, deadly claws. Their faces were...marred, invisible, changing and malleable at once. Only their globe-like ruby eyes were visible, and they radiated a disturbing image of containers of blood. Slipping around the tree, in a pack, hissing and whimpering as they wound themselves around each other, gauging the angels that stood in silence.

Green Eyes came to stand beside Sariyel's still form, "...even lesser minions of Hell have occupied the city. It shows much for the power of evil that has taken root here. But...why are you still? Your hand does not lift its blade, even though they are easily defeated." He looked at her face, but could read nothing; only the clarity of her eyes shown through the shadows she had gathered around her.

Sariyel looked at the slithering mass, her eyes mirroring their reflections. She paused before she spoke in her quiet, barely audible voice, "...It speaks much, doesn't it? For even when these pitiful abominations are slain and thrown back into the Lake of Fire, Satan will punish them, but still accept them. And yet...the Lord has exiled us just as he exiled Adam and Eve, casting them forever out of Eden. And...He doesn't even see fit to punish those heavenly beings who have fallen to corruptness, staining Heaven with their taint of human sin." She turned to look at him, her dark gaze magnetic and clear. "And this...is the God you serve?" With that, she was gone, perfect silence accompanying her fierce flight of attack. The hissed screams of the demons were the only sounds heard as the others followed in her path of death.
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Zoma stopped running, and watched the shadow as it disappeared. She stopped, simply because the singing stopped. The only thing left now was mummers. And those we're slowly fading away from what she was capable of hearing. Zoma begun to walk through the alleys till she saw a ladder leading to the top of the roof. Once again she went out; just like before she flew off in the direction of the cathedreal.

Over head she saw a girl eating and drinking some cappechino on the steps of the cathedral. She was staring up wards, Zoma dodged back and forth trying to avoid her view so as not to startle the girl. Studying the girl, without being noticed by her...Was certainly not an easy thing to do. Especially if the sun decided to suddenly move and cast her shadow. The girl finished eating, and after rearanging the plate and cleaning up a bit; Zoma decided it time to make her self apparent.

Slowly she came down farther and farther into the girl's view. [i]Maybe..She'll play with me, where's my scythe now?[/i] Zoma though to her self. The girl looked over in Zoma's direction; she blinked a few times uncertain... Zoma smiled and waved as she began to fly down towards the girl.

"And what if your name; may I ask?" Zoma said, still a few inches above the ground.

The girl stared blankly, "...Devi."

"Nice to meet you Devi! I'm Zoma, " she stepped to the ground, "Wanna play a game?"
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[FONT=arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Orange]Devi blinked, then shook her head. "The hell?!" She got up. "Zoma, huh? When did you learn to fly?" It was an inteded joke. Devi placed her hands on her hips, cocking her head at Zoma. She felt her knife down in her boot, and the solidity of her gun.

"Sure, why not?" She smiled, tossing her hair over her shoulder. "How about we play... socer? Or catch?" She motioned towards the park that was not to far off. Zoma conteplated. "Okay."

Devi hopped down the stairs of the cathedral, looking at Zoma out of her pariferal vision. [i]Whoa... freakiness.[/i] She walked, whistling. "Zoma, some people around here haven't seen - er... winged humans." She didn't want to call her a demon, for what if she wasn't one?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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Guest Midnight Rush
OOC:Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue!!!!!!!!!! USA FOREVER!!!!!


Viridans Oculus looked into Sariyel's eyes, focusing his senses on them, trying to read what his new found ally was reflecting on. THey were like mirrors to him, and he was impressed that he couldn't penetrate. "Your eyes are quite impressive, you're the first I've met who can resist my soul piercing eyes...."

"Hmmph. Mirror eyes you could call mine, can't you feel the insecurities of yuor own soul when you look into them?" She replied.

"Perhaps with a lesser being, but not with me. Back to our conversation, the punishment of Fallen Angels comes on the Lord's timing... not on ours. But rest assured, He leaves [b]nothing[/b] undone."

During this conversation they both detected a sneaking darkness, a subversive mass of unlight creeeping towards them. "What is it?" Sariyel spoke.

Green Eyes said one word: "Joelle."

A cold, empty voice reminiscent of the Imlad Morgul rang clear through the waxing darness. "Quite. You are very perceptive Melancus... I don't believe I've had the pleasure..."

"I never found vampires attractive... The Ferus Ventus, however, would love to pin you to a bed."

A tall femal figure emerged fvrom the sickeningly sweet miasma. She was very pale, and wore deep red color on her lips. Her long black hair she wore in a tight bun and her eyes were glowing fiery red. She was a perfect hourglass shape and had a face that reminds one of Kate Beckinsdale (sp??).

Sariyel broke the silence, "An impressive entrance won't save you... Your wide and straight road ends here!"

"Melancus! How delightful, you've moved up in the world... I was under the impression that human women were your only passion...its nice to see that you have better taste then I'd heard." Joelle smiled, and as she spoke, large fangs grew down from her incisors, and mostrous leathery black wings sprouted from her back. "Showtime."

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OOC: lol, Kate Beckinsale

Her eyes grew cold, and held a mirror-like quality more than ever - clear silver pools that showed completely to her soul, and yet had no measure of depth at all. [I]Dykei's[/I] crystal blade came up in silence, refracting the gentle light that had started to flow from the jewel on it's handle. Sariyel looked through the blade at the winged demon, examining Joelle in a calm, calculating fashion.

A slow smirk touched her expression, "...Disgusting." She didn't even deem to give Joelle a glance as the leathery wings propelled her powerfully into the air. Turning to Green Eyes again, Sariyel's voice was cool, "Everything in the Lord's time? He seems content to watch His realm fall into disrepair. And tell me, shall I stand here with the power of grace at my hands, and watch our sins make this world suffer?" Anger glowed in her eyes, slow to awaken, but bright and beautiful when it did. Her words lingered in the air - they were bittersweet, pure, rain-like in quality as they faded on the snow.

Green Eyes didn't watch as she departed, her shadowy cloak murmuring her perfectly silent movements. He didn't need to - he could still taste her words in her shadow that didn't exist, that should have stretched out on the ground as she leapt up into the air, unfolding her wings. The rest of the angels followed her, their own weapons drawn, their dark cloaks moving about them in waves as they took to flight.

Joelle waited for them in the air, her fangs glinting cold white as she smiled. It was like winter on her face, and she chuckled, "Ah, we've heard of you in the Hells, Miss Angelic. So, you're so wrapped in your own sense of justice, that you've deserted your high and mighty God? How...fun." She smiled, chilling the air around her.

Sariyel only narrowed her clear eyes, and then pointed her blade..
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]Xairiel stopped his walk, and snapped his eyes open, color draining from an already palid face. He turned his head towards the sensation, and a shiver ran down his spine.

"Demon..." he hissed, voice so low none could hear but the most well-trained ear. "And not just any Demon...a Prime Evil."

He looked around, and decided there were too many people to change here. He maneuvered through the crowd, slipping through like a ghost.

He went into an empty, darkened alleyway, and let the power of the Angel take over. He spread his black-stained wings wide and took flight. He flew for a short time before entering the miasma.

"Ahh..." breathed a falsely sweet voice. "Another Angel joins the frey."

Xairiel stepped forward, and let his eyes rest upon the form of Joelle. He looked to Green Eyes and Sariyel, as well, but remained focused on the Demon Queen.

"I had not expected to meet you in battle, Xairiel of the Tainted Wing," the Demon cooed. "I thought you would be on our side."

"The side I take is the side of intelligence. I'm here to fight...but I haven't chosen an ally."

"You desert justice and all that is good?" came Sariyel's shocked reply.

"If that is the weaker side, then yes. The Lord has done me no good," said Xairiel, in his morose tones.

"A fine ideal, Tainted Wing," said Joelle. "Perhaps you shall see who is stronger. And I assure you, it will be me."

"We shall see, Demon," Xairiel hissed.

Joelle's face turned sour, and she turned back to the other Angels.

"Let's show him the proper side," said Green Eyes.

"I shall," snarled Joelle, moving in for the kill.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

And thus, Xairiel shows his true colors...neutral. He follows strength, he follows the logical side. If the demons are winning, he shall follow them. If the angels are winning, he shall follow them to battle. His soul has been tainted by bitterness, leaving him without a sense of justice or morality, only cold logic. He's totally changed from my original idea of a fun-loving, sinful angel, hasn't he?
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