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The King of Fighters Series


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Going from KOF 94 to KOF 03 & the Extra off storyline KOFs (Like EX2, R2, 3D)
I found the earlier of them to be mediocre in looks & fighting but from 98 up Ive started playing them as real fighters. I love the storyline that follows the series as
well & I have to admit, KOF has the best fighting storyline in all fighters Ive ever played, truly anime worthy.
Alot of it focuses on the Orochi Saga, using thier
own version of the 8 headed evil dragon, who turns out to be a man & heroes.
I had also heard that kof had evolved from the Fatal Fury series, as a continuation.
(Im not too sure about how accurate that is though.)

It follows on a high school student; Kyo kusanagi, an lazy student who's a couple
years back in school who is of an ancient bloodline the Kusanagi & rivals the Yagami clan that has 1 survivor Iori Yagami, who feels he needs to kill the Kusanagi once & for all. The 2 will once in awhile square-off as they participate in a
annual tornament hosted by diffenent people every time, holding a different agenda
behind its creation, usually for evil porposes that make the series & Sagas
Ex: Rugal Saga, Orochi Saga & Nests Saga.
The majority of characters are very cool & origional (Except Sazaki's)
& most of the character's stories are very evolving & fitting to the teams/lineup,
fitting really well with the story..
Bottom line, KOF has come very far to evolve into 1 of the better fighters
in a button mashers' collection...

I have just about every KOF out but 94' & the R series of the chibi KOF.

My favorites:

KOF 97
KOF 98 Dream Match
KOF 00
KOF 02 Dream Match
KOF 03

Any other fans of the KOF series??
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Guest ScirosDarkblade
I can't say I'm a fan of the games, but I'm a huge fan of the artwork. I forget the artist's name (the guy who does all the KOF art), but he is awesome. All of his stuff is quite detailed, and has a certain "look" to it so you know it's his. Also, he does a great job of making all the characters, no matter how generic they appear, look like they can kick your *** all over town.
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