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A Banner Please. [pics included]


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[color=crimson][size=1]I'd like another banner now, I've been trying to think of what I wanted for my next banner for some time now and finally without thinking about it ironically I came across an idea. So here it is.

I would like a banner with these pictures on it (it doesn't have to have every picture actually.) and it to say "Burzum" whever it would look most suitable on the completed project. So here is the pictures.


Hmm it's hard to find pics for a band like this. Anyways thank you to who ever makes me a banner in advanced.
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Hey, you're using the banner that I made a while ago. Cool. :D Anyway, here ya go. I have to slightly different ones. How are they?


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[color=crimson][size=1] Ha, I forgot that it was you that made me this banner. It's a good one to and this one you just made me is even better. Thank you for it, I will take the first one there. Awesome job man. Once again thank you for the banner. I don't suppose you could make me a quick avatar too?[/color][/size]
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