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Matentai Lord Ragnorak [IMAGE HEAVY]


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[color=firebrick] An online friend of mine [she's an artist] drew this picture which led to ask her what it was based on, and then I got sort of obsessed with [b]Matentai Lord Ragnorak[/b]. It's also known as [b]Demon Detective Loki Ragnarok[/b] or just [b]Matentai Loki[/b]. :3 NO, this has no relation with the online game Ragnorak Online.

The anime series is 26 episodes, which is based off the manga. Straight off the bat, there are [b]two mangas[/b] of this show. The first series, called [b]Matentei Loki[/b], is seven books long. After that, it was liscenced by another comic company and is currently printing its continuation, called [b]Matentai Loki Ragnorak[/b]. [Confused yet?] The story basically follows as [b]this[/b]:

Loki is the Norse God of Mischief, and his arrogance has got him kicked out of the land of the gods, and he's know in a child's form to boot. In order to be accepted again, he has to fight and trap demons that take over humans, so he creates a mystery agency. Soon accompanied by a hyperactive girl, he finds out that some Norse gods keep coming down to assassinate him for unknown reasons. The first seven mangas just follow this story, and then the current ones are planned to have more story arcs and more characters.

I've gotten the chance to read a fair bit of translated mangas of this, but I have not seen the anime yet. It's about to be liscenced by a small American company, but I don't know anything more about it. :3 I hope the manga gets picked up by Tokyopop or something. The art is very pretty and clean in the manga, and so far from the pictures I've seen the anime looks pretty decent as well. I picked [strike]some[/strike] a boatload of pictures...mainly because they're so cool. :)

[img]http://www.tangerinecafe.net/rakuen/files/b005.gif [/img]
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