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The Legend of Zelda: Ganondorfs Reign


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Im writing a story, a Zelda one none the less, and I need some ideas (this is after Majoras Mask, BTW. I got the main story line down and everything, Ill post it later on this post. I just need some ideas to go along with it, to make it more interesting.BTW, no talking about other subjects here. Please create a different topic for them!

Link had returned to Hyrule after the events in Termina. He had Epona with him, him using the items and masks he had to get her up the hole. He went back to Hyrule Castle and returned the Ocarana of Time to Zelda and then settled down in Kakariko Village. But Link would have more things to worry about...

Four years later, Ganondorf suddenly took over Hyrule with an unbelievable power. No one saw it coming, but he took over ALL of Hyrule within a matter of days. The only place untouched was the Kokiri Village, which was protected by the Spirit of the Great Deku Tree after his death. Link knew he had to stop Ganondorf again, but this time, he needed help to do so. He retrieved the Master Sword from the pedestal and went out in search of help.

Thats all I have now. This is not, I repeat, NOT adult Link. I call him Teenage Link since he is not an adult quite yet. Any ideas, suggest them, please.

BTW, to understand this story, you have to think in terms of timelines and dimensions and such.
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